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Woman Gets Miracle at Gas Station Hours After Praying to God for Help

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When you are going through a tough time, who do you turn to? Do you seek help from family? Friends? God?

If you have a good group around you, the choice can be easy, but there are times where you feel completely abandoned and don’t know who to ask for help.

Cassandra Orozco from Osceola County, Florida, was down on her luck. Mom to a 2-year-old, Orozco had recently lost pretty much everything and was being forced to start over from square one.

Picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and rebuilding your life is difficult enough without a dependent, but Orozco had a child of her own and the pressure was getting to her.

She had stopped at a gas station when she spotted a small plastic card attached to the pump she was using. “I was like ‘Whoa, what is this?'” she told Fox News.

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“Oh my goodness,” she wondered. “Is that for me?”

Just a little earlier that day, she had turned to someone she didn’t often ask for help from. She said that though she never prayed, she’d given in and said a simple prayer.

“You know what I need. Just please give it to me,” she prayed.

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She saw this windfall at the gas station as part of the answer. But the gift card that she stumbled across had a story attached to it, too.

Natalie Visage lost her daughter in 2015, on Sept. 11. Eleanor-Josephine was her stillborn daughter’s name, and though her daughter didn’t get to experience much of the world before leaving it, Visage wanted to make sure the world would experience her.

“Anytime you lose someone, everyone fears that they’re going to be forgotten,” the mother said. “She’s not here to make an impact on the world, and I want to make sure that she could still do that.”

Along with buying gift cards and leaving them around with a picture of her daughter, Visage has participated in other acts of kindness to commemorate Eleanor-Josephine.

“We bought some pizza for a local fire station because with it being 9/11, not only is it an important day for me, but it’s also an important day for our country,” Visage said. “You hope that by putting kindness out there, it’ll inspire someone else to also put some kindness out there.”

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“To be blessed by someone who doesn’t want anything in return,” Orozco said, trailing off. “It is amazing, you know? I want Eleanor-Josephine’s memory to live on forever.”

“It definitely will live on forever with me, and I hope she had a happy birthday in heaven and may she rest in peace.”

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