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Woman Who Lost Her Job Receives Anonymous Card in Mail Containing $1,000


Many people have been left without work lately, thanks to the current situation causing panic and shutdowns.

Certain industries — such as food and entertainment services — have been especially hard hit, leaving many to file for unemployment.

Dorea Williams from DeKalb County, Georgia, was one of those people. She’d had two jobs, but lost both of them, and the future was uncertain.

But someone was looking out for her, and left an envelope in her mailbox.

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The card itself was nice, reading “Thinking of You” on the outside. Inside, it read, “Please take care of yourself and remember that others are thinking of you and hoping that every day brings you a little more strength, hope, and comfort.”

And, at the bottom, a handwritten note: “Be blessed.”

It was signed: “Anonymous.”

That wasn’t all, though. There were also two money orders from Publix that totaled $1,000.

As many people would have, at first Williams called foul.

“I was like wait a minute,” she told WAGA. “I started breathing hard. I’m like, maybe these are not real.”

So, she went to her local Publix to find out whether or not the gift was legitimate.

“I get to the front and I ask the lady, are these real?” she recalled. “Do these Western Union money orders come from here?”

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“She was like ‘yeah, these look exactly like our money orders.’ I called the number on the back and it said it came from the Publix North Decatur.”

Satisfied that the money orders were genuine, Williams relaxed into gratitude and was sure to explain just how helpful of a gift this was.

“It means a lot,” she said. “I’m so grateful and it’s just a big, big blessing.”

The card had no name and no return address, so Williams has no idea who is responsible for the generous surprise.

“I don’t know what I did or what impact I might have made on their life at some point for them to want to do something like this or maybe God just spoke to them and told them to do something like this for me, but I’m very, very grateful,” she said.

“Thank you so much.”

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