Woman Pays for Disabled Veteran and Wife's Meal, Disappears Before They Can Say 'Thank You'


Have you ever been possessed with the desire to do something for someone, just because you want to do something nice?

It doesn’t have to be as monumental as donating a kidney or giving your car away. It can be as simple as starting a pay-it-forward situation at a Starbucks’ drive-thru or leaving money hidden in a grocery store: There are plenty of little ways we can brighten a person’s day.

One woman noticed an older couple at Premier Diner, a restaurant in Commack, New York. Something about the two must have caught her eye, her heart, or both, because she asked to pay for their bill but wanted to remain anonymous.

It was only a $30 tab, but it was still a wonderful little gesture of charity for a couple she didn’t even know.

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For William Berczan, the surprise was heart-warming and gave him a little extra boost. A disabled Vietnam veteran, Berczan had just been to the doctor’s before sitting down at the diner.

While he and his wife Antoinette were in town for the appointment, they decided to get a bite to eat. When they asked for the check, they found that their meal had been taken care of.

“After the doctors, when we were down and out, it just made our day,” Antoinette said, according to CBS. “It’s just lovely.”

“There’s a lot of bad in the world,” she continued, “and something like that really — you know, for elderly folks? For young… you know for anybody, it’s a lovely thing.”

“It wasn’t a real great sum,” William acknowledged. “It was just the fact that someone thought, ‘Hey, look at that couple there.'”

“Normally when it does happen, the people do want to remain anonymous,” the manager, Gus Georgatos said. “I think it’s nice.”

Attempts to name the mystery giver have been foiled, and the workers at the restaurant are keeping mum.

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Spurred on by this display of holiday cheer, the Berczans are ready to embark on their own show of generosity, especially now that they are done with doctor’s appointments for the year.

“It would be nice for the holidays, you know, it would be nice all year round,” William said. “If you can do it and you feel like doing it, do it.”

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