Woman Reveals Bad Habits That Destroyed Her Teeth; One Habit in Particular Hits Home


Michigan resident Victoria Irene Nowakowski took to TikTok to express the importance of dental hygiene after losing her entire top row of teeth.

If you’re a fan of soda, you might want to read this one.

According to the New York Post, Nowakowski’s decade-long soda addiction, cigarette habit and poor dental hygiene led to tooth decay so serious she had to get dentures.

Though her teeth appeared normal on the outside, Nowakowski said “in the inside they weren’t fine.”

Slowly her teeth began deteriorating into yellow nubs that hardly resembled regular teeth.

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Now, dentures sit in their place, signifying the drastic consequences of neglect.

“It took a really long time to get up the courage to do it,” Nowakowski said of visiting the dentist to have her teeth removed, according to SheThePeople.

This could happen to anyone, so if you have a bad soda habit, maybe it’s time to reconsider.

Healthline reports that the acidic properties of soft drinks can contribute to enamel erosion, inviting cavities, especially combined with poor oral hygiene.

Does Nowakowski's warning make you reconsider how much soda you drink?

Healthline also outlines several options to prevent enamel erosion by soft drinks, including limiting the number of sodas consumed to no more than one a day, drinking with a straw, avoiding soft drinks before bedtime, and maintaining a regular dental appointment schedule.

Oral decay, however, is just one of many issues soda consumers can have.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, regular consumption of sugary drinks can present a plethora of health problems, including obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

But solving the problems associated with soda consumption seems tricky.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s proposed restrictions preventing businesses from selling drinks larger than 16 ounces faced significant backlash in 2013, so policy doesn’t appear to be the best route.

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People tend to value their autonomy above all else. If people wish to drink 32 ounces of soda instead of 16, one solution would be to purchase two bottles and drink both.

Changing your health practices should begin on a personal level with better health education and self-discipline.

Even phasing out sodas by opting for flavored seltzer waters or healthy teas could prove an immense step toward personal success.

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