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Woman Shares Photo After Asking Domino's for a Joke, She Says They Wrote Kind Note Instead


Pizza is a food group of its own with Americans. We have it at parties, we have it at meetings, we have it when we’re happy and we have it when we’re sad.

There are enough options and customizations that everyone can get something they like.

And if that’s not enough, some enterprising pizza joints have invited even more requests of a very different sort.

Jokes. Notes. Drawings. In the section where you can leave comments on the order page, you’re able to make your requests known and then wait until the pizza is delivered to see if your wish was granted.

Some people get surprising artwork — either surprisingly good or surprisingly bad.

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Some get horribly cheesy jokes — not that there’s any other kind when it comes to pizza.

A photo shared by a pizza place last month displayed one of their winners: “What do you call a fake pizza? Pepperphony Pizza.”

Another box, attributed to Pizza Hut, merely contained a reflective, mirror-like material with the word “smile” written on it.

“I told them to write a joke in the box and they put a mirror in it,” the text on the photo read.

Recently, a customer who’d had a rough time ordered Domino’s and asked for a little something extra to brighten her day.

“I had a bad day and asked Domino’s for a joke,” a user posted on Reddit this week.

“I got the most wholesome note instead.”

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Inside the top of the pizza box in wide, red marker swipes was a message for the customer — ostensibly named Ashley, since the note was addressed to her.

“Hi Ashley,” the note read, “I really suck at jokes. But, I wish you have an awesome rest of the day.”

I had a bad day and asked Domino’s for a joke. I got the most wholesome note instead from r/pics

“Good night, Enjoy the pizza made for you, with all the love in the world.”

Of course, the comments turned to debating who makes the best pizza, the ridiculous charges that get slapped onto deliveries and the “post pizza paralysis” comas that ensue after eating too much pizza.

According to Fox News, there was at least one commenter who responded in kind, agreeing that “[w]e do need more love in this world.”

But Ashley seemed happy with the way things turned out, and the note was certainly the sort of kind gesture we could all use right now.

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