Woman Shocked by Sweet Proposal in Front of Family. But Boyfriend Has Another Surprise


Danny Rios, from New York, planned a surprise engagement for his girlfriend, Nicole Carfagna — but this was no average surprise engagement.

Carfagna suffers from lupus, which is a condition that escalates during times of stress. Rios spent over five months planning so his bride-to-be wouldn’t have the burden of most newly engaged women — everyone knows how difficult and stressful it can be to plan a wedding.

Rios planned the whole event before he even proposed. Better yet, he planned for an engagement and a wedding in the same night.

“I give women so much credit for all the planning they do for weddings,” Rios told ABC News. “I kind of turned into a ‘bridezilla’ during it.”

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The idea came to him the prior August. He wanted to surprise Carfagna when they got home from a trip to Disneyland for her birthday.

But he didn’t plan everything alone. He had Carfagna’s mother help pick out the dress — an apt decision on his part.

Rios got the rings, and while he and Carfagna were on vacation, his parents stayed at their house to prepare and decorate. He was very particular about it, too.

“I wrote down what had to be done and I said, ‘I don’t care what anyone says, what’s on this paper is what has to be done. It’s gold,’” he said.

Carfagna said on her blog that she didn’t think they would be getting engaged for at least another year.

When the couple got home, Carfagna thought there might be a surprise birthday party happening based on the lights in the backyard. It was certainly a surprise, but when Rios got down on one knee and proposed, she was blown away.

After Carfagna said yes, the surprises just kept coming. When the couple was alone inside, Rios asked her one more question.

“You know how much I love you and if you want we can do this tonight. All of our closest friends and family are here,” he explained. He told her to turn around, and a tux and the wedding dress her mother picked out were hanging there.

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And so, just a couple hours after getting engaged, Danny’s father officiated their wedding and announced them husband and wife. Everyone knew about the engagement plans, but only their immediate families knew about the wedding plans.

Needless to say, they were pretty excited when they found out.

“It was exactly what I would have wanted,” Nicole said. “I really couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to marry him.”

Nicole Rios wrote about the series of events on her blog and how her husband kept her on her toes at every turn. They hope the massive amount of attention their wedding has received also raises more awareness of lupus and those suffering from it.

“We want anyone who has it to know that if you have lupus, it’s a crummy disease but you can still find happiness,” Danny said. “It’s out there. Don’t stop looking.”

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