Woman Breaks Down in Tears After Realizing Same Squirrel She Saved Has Returned To Find Her


Taking care of animals is a basic human instinct. From baby birds to your very own pet, many of us feel the need to care and love for these animals with all our hearts.

When Sheila Mattie learned about squirrel in need, her instincts kicked right in, according to Sunny Skyz.

This particular squirrel was hurt, and Mattie knew she had to do something to help. The baby squirrel had a broken paw and needed immediate care.

“My friend called me to tell me he found 2 baby squirrels and one was injured,” Mattie told Sunny Skyz. “I gave the sister to my friend Kristen so I could give the one with the broken paw all of my attention.”

She nursed the little one to health and unknowingly started a friendship along the way. It wouldn’t be until later that she would find out the friendship they formed would last a lifetime.

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Mattie even gave the squirrel in need a funny little name.

“He got better and better, I named him Crash Bandipoop,” Mattie told Sunny Skyz.

As Mattie nursed Crash Bandipoop to health, she soon realized it was time to let him go back into the wild.

“Finally he was jumping around like a psycho, so I knew it was time to release him,” Mattie said. “I couldn’t think to just let him go anywhere, so I let him go in my backyard.”

But this would not be the last time that Mattie would see the squirrel that had quickly become her friend.

About a week after letting him go, she started to fear the worst. She thought that nature had gotten the better of him and she would never see her friend Crash Bandipoop again.

Then one day, there he was. He was waiting on her back porch just popping by to say hello.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as Mattie was having a terrible day and seeing her little Crash Bandipoop again made everything better. She literally broke down in tears at the sight of him.

“He jumped right on me no problem and has now come back every single day since,” she said. “He loves his mama! And I have a best friend for life!”

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The squirrel jumped right into her arms and has come back to greet her every day since.

Since Mattie helped the baby squirrel, he has developed a relationship with his sister, as well as Mattie’s 5-year-old daughter, and Diesel, her Great Pyrenees.

One time, Crash Bandipoop hopped right onto Diesel’s face. Diesel, being the kind dog that he is, let the squirrel have his way even if it meant being a jungle gym for a few moments.

Mattie continues to care for the friendly squirrel. He always stays close to her and keeps a watchful eye at all times. If Crash Bandipoop can’t find Mattie, he even starts to panic.

Would you help an animal in need?

Mattie told Sunny Skyz that Crash Bandipoop likes to sleep on her and even sometimes comes to work with her. No one even knew he was there as he slept like a baby the entire time.

This squirrel definitely loves Mattie and is grateful for everything she did for him. The two are certainly best friends now, and Mattie couldn’t be happier to have the squirrel in her life full time.

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Dawn is a writer from Milwaukee who loves the art of crafting copy. She has experience in marketing and worked as editor-in-chief of a monthly B2B magazine where she honed her writing skills. No matter the topic or audience, she has a story to tell.
Dawn is a writer from Milwaukee who loves the art of crafting copy. She has previously worked in marketing and as as editor-in-chief of a monthly B2B magazine where she honed her writing skills. She enjoys the art of captivating readers and making them come back time and time again for more. No matter the topic or audience, she has a story to tell. Whether it’s an article, newsletter, news release or web content, she's done it.
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