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$2,000 Bet Turns into 35-Year-Old Man Losing a Whopping 140 Pounds


Making a bet with a friend usually turns into a few laughs and a salty pay up. But when a bet changes your life for the better, it may turn out to be one for the record books.

Tyler Segraves, 35, made a bet with a buddy that would turn his life around in the most miraculous of ways, according to KFOR.

In Sept. 2017, Oklahoma City-based Segraves made a wager with a friend during a night of drinking.

The bet was simple: If Segraves lost weight, $2,000 would be all his.

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How much weight, you ask? The bet was for Segraves to lose 100 pounds, but he would soon prove that he could lose much more.

At 335 pounds, Segraves knew it would be difficult, but he was up to the challenge — especially with a stack of cash to sweeten the deal.

To make the wager legitimate, Segraves and his friend wrote up an agreement that the two even signed to show how serious they were about the bet.

While Segraves had $2,000 on the line, after a month, he hadn’t made any progress with his weight loss plan.

He didn’t start to diet or exercise, and it seemed that Segraves would lose this wager without even trying.

But then he went on a work trip that would alter the way he thought about his weight.

“I walked up these stairs to go to this meeting, and I was so out of breath from going up these stairs that I was like ‘I can’t do this meeting right now,’” he said.

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“So, I faked going to the bathroom so I could just catch my breath, and I was like ‘This is where it has to stop. I draw the line here.’”
That episode was the catalyst that Segraves needed, and he promptly started his diet plan.

To get on track with his weight loss program, Segraves stopped drinking soda and alcohol. He cut out carbs and created his own version of the Keto diet after plenty of research.

Segraves made a commitment to his weight loss and stuck to healthy snacks.

He also implemented an intermittent eating schedule with 16 hours of fasting and an 8-hour window to eat.

Segraves integrated cardio into his weight-loss regime, hitting the gym four days a week and working out on the elliptical and treadmill for 45-minutes each.

He even was able to keep those cravings to a minimum when tailgating at Oklahoma State University games, which were quite the norm for Segraves.

In the past, he munched on hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and other unhealthy snacks when he tailgated.

The eating modifications that Segraves made started to work, and he soon lost 30 pounds within the first month of his diet.

But this wasn’t enough for Segraves, as he wanted to win that bet after all.

“Once I saw the weight come off, that’s what I craved. I was like ‘I want to weigh in again and see,’” he told KFOR.

With $2,000 on the line, Segraves found that it was easier to keep losing weight as he was picky about what he ate and found enjoyment in the simple things.

“Coffee’s like my cheat thing now because I’ll put a little bit of creamer in it,” he told KFOR. “Yeah, that’s my 30 calories per day when I put my one little pump in.”

As Segraves hit his 100-pound goal a month before the wager was over, he felt bad for taking such a huge winning from his friend.
He offered his friend an out, saying that $800 would cover the bet.

But Segrave’s friend wasn’t having it.

“He goes, ‘Nope, we’re waiting until September because you might gain it back.’ And, so, he’d always message me and be like ‘Let’s go to Twin Peaks or let’s go over here.’ He was trying to like tempt me into it.” he explained.

With more than a month to go, Segraves lost another 40 pounds, taking him down to 195 pounds.

It goes without saying that Segraves won that bet with his friend and happily put $2,000 in his pocket. While the money was used to pay off a credit card, Segraves received even more with a new body.

As you can imagine, Segraves’ appearance changed dramatically. He ran into his parents after the significant weight loss, and at first, they didn’t even know who he was.

“I saw him at the gas station, and I ended up buying his coffee and he’s like, ‘What, oh! You’re my son!’ And, I was like, ‘Yeah, dad, what are you talking about?’” he told KFOR.

With a whopping 140 pounds lost, Segraves is still on a mission. He wants to build his physique and add more muscle mass.

He’s started lifting weights and swimming, which has provided a nice break from the cardio that Segraves was traditionally used to.

Segraves’ weight loss even garnered the attention of Men’s Health Magazine, where a feature was written on him for the magazine’s website.

Segraves has also amassed a social media following, as he provides a range of tips and advice on losing weight from his own experience.

“It’s been really cool,” he told KFOR. “I think it’s helped some people, so that’s kind of the point of the whole thing.”

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Dawn is a writer from Milwaukee who loves the art of crafting copy. She has previously worked in marketing and as as editor-in-chief of a monthly B2B magazine where she honed her writing skills. She enjoys the art of captivating readers and making them come back time and time again for more. No matter the topic or audience, she has a story to tell. Whether it’s an article, newsletter, news release or web content, she's done it.
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