Woman's Jan. 6 Outfit Destroys Dem Lie Capitol Rioters Planned Insurrection to Overthrow America


Federal prosecutors have set a high bar for themselves if they want to prove that every single person who set foot in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was attempting to overthrow the government.

The Capitol incursion certainly wasn’t a shining moment for the country.

Following almost a year of coronavirus restrictions, alarming changes to voting procedures in battleground states and a highly controversial election, there was a lot of anger in Washington last winter.

But while some people did enter the Capitol in paramilitary garb, the vast majority were obviously not interested in initiating a coup.

The outfit of one woman who strolled into the building that day has actually spared her jail time, Business Insider reported.

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Rasha Abual-Ragheb was photographed inside the Capitol and later arrested. Prosecutors wished to see her serve time behind bars.

But there was an issue with their argument that she planned to use force to topple the government — an issue a federal judge noted this week when it came time to punish Abual-Ragheb for breaching the Capitol.

She was not armed and did not appear in any way prepared to take part in a rebellion against lawmakers. In fact, her attire was more appropriate for a ballet recital than an insurrection.

Judge Carl Nichols denied a request to put Abual-Ragheb behind bars for 30 days because, as he put it, she “showed up in a tutu, not — as many did — in military gear.”

While she had reportedly said online that she believed the country was headed for an unavoidable “civil war,” she was clearly not a combatant on Jan. 6.

“It’s clear that she never intended to participate in a civil war at the [Capitol] because she did not show up wearing a tactical vest, gas mask, ballistic helmet, body armor, radio equipment, military style backpack, shield, or pitchfork or any of the other battle type armament,” attorney Elita Amato had argued in a court filing.

Nichols apparently agreed. The judge gave Abual-Ragheb two months of house arrest, three years of probation and a small fine.

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Only a leftist would show up to what he believed was the first battle of a revolution dressed in a tutu. Abual-Ragheb, on the other hand, apparently just wanted to exercise her First Amendment right to assemble and probably wandered into the Capitol when the doors were opened.

There goes the left’s “insurrection” narrative.

While Democrats and even some Republicans would like to portray the Capitol rioters as a band of armed militants who launched an attack on American democracy itself, the facts have never supported that story. Thankfully, Nichols saw right through it.

The left will never admit that the vast majority of people at the Capitol on Jan. 6 were peaceful protesters swept up in a regrettable tide of violence.

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