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'Women for Trump' Counterprotester Joins Crowd of Anti-Trumpers: 'I'm Just Here To Support My President'

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Given the recent string of violent demonstrations breaking out across the country, it has become increasingly clear that protests are not always the safest place to be — especially if you support President Donald Trump.

In spite of this fact, one pro-Trump woman decided to wade into the crowd of anti-Trump protesters Tuesday outside the Dream City Church in Phoenix in a show of support for her president, who was speaking inside at a Students for Trump rally.

The Western Journal spoke with the counterprotester about her intentions and what she thought of the other protesters.

“There are a lot of us out here that love him and want him re-elected in 2020,” she told The Western Journal.

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“I believe in the First Amendment, and I believe they have every right to be out here peacefully demonstrating just as I have a right to be out here expressing my opinion. As long as it doesn’t get violent, I’m fine.”

The Trump supporter went on to say that the protesters hadn’t caused her any trouble. Her only intention in going to the protest was to show her support for Trump.

“I’m just here to support my president and pray for his re-election, and that’s what I’m doing is praying a lot. It’s a spiritual battle now,” she told The Western Journal.

Although the pro-Trump woman might not have been worried, it was a brave move to join the crowd of protesters, especially given how many recent demonstrations across the country have erupted into rioting and violence.

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For a moment Tuesday, it looked as though this protest might end in a similar fashion.

After the president’s speech had finished, several protesters began exiting the designated “Free Speech Zone” that the city had provided. They then began blocking the street while yelling at the police officers present.

Following that, the police formed a blockade facing the demonstrators.

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Thankfully, from there, tensions dissipated and the protesters went home.

Violence has been prevalent at many other protests across the country. There have been multiple reports of police officers being shot, run over and attacked by rioters.

It’s not just the police under attack. On May 31 in Portland, Oregon, a man holding an American flag was brutally beaten by rioters who chased him down and tried to steal the flag.

Despite the risk of violence, this pro-Trump woman proudly went to the Tuesday protest to stand up for what she believes in.

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