Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Touts Abortion Provider's Role As A 'Lifesaver'


In a Monday interview, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards explained how the abortion giant’s business model works, unveiling the various ways the company seeks to further its business activities.

Richards encouraged pro-abortion civilians to come up with and act on their own creative ideas.

She referred to the numerous Planned Parenthood products on Etsy like T-shirts, candles, buttons and hats that advertise the abortion organization’s activities.

“Don’t wait for instructions. Just do it, whatever it is you’re going to do,” Richards told FastCompany in an interview. “It’s going to be everybody doing their part.”

Richards also touted the abortion organization’s text-chat service, which allows young pregnant girls in distress to text Planned Parenthood in order to ask for advice regarding their situations.

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“Talk, listen and learn” is their motto, Richards said.

She recounted texts from a teen telling the abortion giant that it has been “a lifesaver,” and then asking, “will you still be there later tonight if I need you?”

Richards pointed to the texts as an example of Planned Parenthood’s always-available immediate abortion services.

“Invest in people,” Richards insisted is one of the organization’s most important pursuits.

“At Planned Parenthood, we invest in thousands of young people by getting them trained to be public speakers and advocates,” Richards added.

“That is probably the most important mark I hope to leave on Planned Parenthood: having a whole new generation of leaders come after.”

Former Planned Parenthood manager Ramona Trevino sees the abortion organization’s “investments” a little differently.

“(Teens) are being groomed as future abortion patients because Planned Parenthood promotes a promiscuous lifestyle,” Trevino recently told TheDCNF in an exclusive interview.

“We’re not discouraging them from having sex at a young age. We have monthly quotas to meet. They’re just numbers,” she said.

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Trevino worked as the manager of a Planned Parenthood abortion referral facility in Sherman, Texas, for three years before leaving in 2011.

According to the abortion provider’s annual report released earlier this month, Planned Parenthood carried out 321,384 abortions over the past year.

This number was actually roughly 7,000 less than the previous year, American Life League Executive Director Jim Sedlak told LifeNews.

Still, Panned Parenthood — the largest abortion provider in the country, accounted for more than one third of all the abortion procedures that took place in the United States over the past year.

The organization’s total income was about $1.46 billion, while it made a profit of $98.5 million.

Though Planned Parenthood received less money from the government and had about the same amount of customers as the previous year, Sedlak explained how they were able to rake in so much cash.

“Our initial analysis is that Planned Parenthood spent the last year reducing medical activity and increasing its community and political organizing,” he said.

“Planned Parenthood reports that it attracted 721,000 new donors who donated an average of $120 each. That alone added $86.5 million to its income. It also claims to have added 250,000 new volunteers and had 90,000 people join its new Planned Parenthood Defenders — a core group of supporters who pledge their time to defend Planned Parenthood.”

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