Young Not Stupid: There's Now a Bipartisan Bill to Stop the Border Crisis But Biden Will Never Sign It


The following is an installment in a weekly series of commentary articles by Cameron Arcand, founder of the conservative commentary website Young Not Stupid and a contributor to The Western Journal.

Conservatives should naturally be predisposed to the fact that congressional gridlock is a positive for the United States, as legislative action usually means an unnecessary expansion of government.

Then there are times, albeit rare, where genuine bipartisanship occurs in an effort to solve crises plaguing America.

That’s where the Bipartisan Border Solutions Act comes in, a Senate bill introduced by Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn and Arizona Democratic Sen. Krysten Sinema.

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The bill was created with the goal of managing the surge of migrants arriving at the southern border, resulting in resources and communities being overwhelmed at unprecedented levels.

“We know that this crisis at the border is not a Democratic or Republican problem,” Sinema said Thursday, according to Axios.

“It’s not a new problem. It’s an American problem, and it’s one that we’ve been dealing with in our border states for decades.”

Key provisions in the bill include the development of regional processing centers, which would assist in conducting background checks and “issuance of immigration court documents,” hiring more immigration officers, increasing congressional oversight, and assuring that unaccompanied migrant children are better protected.

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“No single party can solve the border crisis. Now is not the the time for partisan games and inaction. Now is the time for Congress to lead and provide tangible solutions to the problems we’re seeing at our border,” House co-sponsor Republican Rep. Tony Gonzales tweeted Monday.

As conservatives and liberals frequently disagree on the issue of illegal immigration, this moment of unity is a stunning rebuke of the Biden administration’s maintenance of the border crisis.

Unfortunately, the bill would likely not be signed if it managed to get on Biden’s desk, as it would be an admission of failure on his part.

Even if he did miraculously sign it into law, his neglect on the border so far would indicate a terrible execution of the bill’s proposals.

Bipartisan leaders like Cornyn and Sinema deserve credit for wanting to take action at the border, but the situation should have never gotten this dire.

The administration has made no effort to secure the border, leaving everyone from border officers to local communities to deal with the chaos.

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Cameron Arcand is a former writer for The Western Journal.
Cameron Arcand is a political commentator based in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2017 as a school project, he founded, which has grown exponentially since its founding. He has interviewed several notable conservative figures, including Dave Rubin, Peggy Grande and Madison Cawthorn.

In September 2020, Cameron joined The Western Journal as a Commentary Writer, where he has written articles on topics ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic, the "Recall Gavin Newsom" effort and the 2020 election aftermath. The "Young Not Stupid" column launched at The Western Journal in January 2021, making Cameron one of the youngest columnists for a national news outlet in the United States. He has appeared on One America News and Fox 5 DC. He has been a Young America's Foundation member since 2019.
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