Watch: 10-Year-Old With Wheelchair Stands for Anthem, Becomes Instant Role Model


If you have been hot under the collar at previous disrespectful displays by NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem, prepare to fall in love with Avery Price.

Avery’s from Tennessee. He’s 10 years old, and he has hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP) syndrome. It’s a condition closely related to cerebral palsy, and it limits the use of his legs to a great degree.

Even with the aid of leg braces, he spends a lot of time in a wheelchair, except for a few minutes when he can stand with great effort — like at the Putnam County Fair in Cookeville last week.

As country singer Jenny Leigh sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Avery felt moved to struggle to a standing position. As you can imagine, hearts were moved and the internet has exploded with this story.

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This remarkable display of patriotism by young Avery was quoted in a report by Fox News:

“I usually sit and put my hand on my heart, but last night I decided to stand … because I like to stand for my country.”

If that doesn’t make your heart sing, I don’t what will.

Let’s give a shout-out to the parents. Stephen Price and Jayme Jefcoat are doing a fine job of raising this patriotic young boy. They are busting with pride.

Stephen Price said, “That makes me feel really good, especially (considering) the stuff he’s been through, and the fact that he still wanted to do that, that’s amazing to me. He’s a very, very patriotic kid … He’s always been that way.”

The FOX affiliate in Nashville caught up with Leah Norris, whose Facebook post first let the world know about Avery.

Does a story like this make your feel angrier at the NFL players?

“He doesn’t understand the impact he made,” she told Fox. “It’s not a protest of anything. It’s more of our soldiers and our men and women are fighting for our rights to do what we want and Avery done what he wanted, and he stood up for what he believed and he stood up for his country.”

Norris summed it up perfectly in her Facebook post. “This goes to show, that If he can stand for his country, so can you.”

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Don’t you just wonder if some spoiled NFL players are a bit red-faced at their behavior after Avery demonstrated such respect and character?

Avery recently had surgery which enabled him to attempt standing and walking.

We wish him well as his health continues to advance, and his good will and patriotism spreads across the country.

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