11-Year-Old Consoled by Dad on Christmas When Words on Card Leave Her in Tears


Christmas might be over, but the heartwarming stories coming out of this year’s celebrations are not. One family video had the internet in tears when they saw Cami Powell open her gift.

Eleven-year-old Cami Powell sat cross-legged on the floor as she unwrapped the gift from her stepfather.

She opened the box cautiously, feigning fear that it might explode in her face.

Inside was a large cardboard card. Cami pulled it out and began to read.

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“You may not have my eyes or smile, but from the first moment, you had my heart, love Daddy,” the card said. It was the statement on the other side, though, that brought Cami to tears.

“And now you have my last name,” the card said. Cami looked up, confused by the statement.

“We filed all the paperwork so that you’re gonna be a Powell like Daddy,” Bobby Powell said. At this, Cami put her hands over her face and began to sob.

Although it only recently became official, it’s clear that Bobby has been Cami’s father for a long time.

Now, her newly official father got down on the floor and held his daughter.

Cami’s mother, Tori Powell, posted the video on YouTube and other social media platforms. The description gave viewers a bit more of the backstory.

“Bobby has been in Cami’s life for 8 years now (since she was 3),” Tori wrote in the description.

“Today was the day we finally were able to get the adoption done!

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“We are a full family of Powells now!!” the description continued. “Merry Christmas Cami! Mommy and Daddy love you!!”

After sitting and holding his daughter for a while, Bobby told Cami to give him a big hug. She obliged, wiping the tears from her eyes.

From off-camera, another voice remarked that Cami learned she’d be getting her father’s last name and a new baby sister all in the same year.

Her mother confirmed that the adoption would be final before her sister came, making them a family of Powells.

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