11-Year-Old Hands Stepdad Poem That Leaves Him Choking on His Tears


Dating is hard under the best of circumstances, but when it comes to dating someone who already has children, things can get really complicated. Some people won’t even date people who have children.

Ten years ago, Angel found her own angel in the form of David, who goes by “Tudy.” Not only was he willing to date her when she had three children, but when they got married he stepped right into the role of being a real dad to all three.

HaLeigh was nine months old at the time and has only ever known Tudy as her father. They never told her otherwise, and her biological father was not listed on her birth certificate.

The family had decided in November to make things official with a change of last name for HaLeigh, but the Daily Mail wrote that their efforts kept hitting road blocks.

Angel explained that, “We had looked into the process before however were told we would have to hire a lawyer and go through the courts, process and money we did not have.”

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The family then got notice on Dec. 28 that “our process was ‘unable to be completed without court.'” The news devastated Angel, “I cried and cried and wondered ‘why?’ I had done everything in order and asked of me what could possibly be wrong?”

Due to the holidays, she had to wait until Jan. 2 to find out what happened and what could be done to fix it.

In the meantime, Tudy’s birthday and Valentine’s Day were coming up, and Angel was able to come up with a special surprise for the special man who had so changed all of their lives.

It was a bit early to be giving him the gift, but Angel was too excited to hold back. A poem introducing the surprise was presented to Tudy and the whole thing was captured on video.

As Tudy read the poem aloud, the gift became clear and he couldn’t hold back his emotions. Unbeknownst to Tudy, when Angel called about how to fix the problem she found it was an easy fix and she could do it on her own, thus setting up a surprise for Tudy, who thought their plan was still on hold.

At the end of the poem, Angel included a special line that summed up the whole thing. She wrote, “You stole her heart from day 1 but today she stole your last name forever!”

An excited 11-year-old, HaLeigh held a gift of her birth certificate and waited as Tudy read. When he was done she happily handed it over to him.

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He saw on it what HaLeigh so happily did. Not only was her last name now Trevino, like his, but he was listed as her father on it, too.

Tears streaming down his face, Tudy explained that even though people say HaLeigh “worships the ground he walks on,” it is really him that “worships the ground she walks on.” Then the pair had their first official hug as legally-recognized father and daughter.

People commenting on the pictures and video posted to Facebook noted that it takes a special kind of man to do what Trevino did and so willingly take on being a dad to “someone else’s kids.”

According to the Daily Mail, Angel agrees, “My kids and I were super blessed to have found this man and become a family with him and every day I thank the good Lord for putting him in our path.”

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