120-Lb. Great Dane Gets Stuck in Tree 20' off Ground. Firefighters Can't Believe It


Kittens stuck in trees and firefighters are about as famous a combination as peanut butter and jelly.

But firefighters rescuing large dogs from the treetops? You don’t hear that one every day.

Recently, one 120 lb. Great Dane named Kora found herself in quite the predicament.

Somehow, this talented pooch managed to leap her way up into a tree, getting herself stuck on a large branch some 20 feet in the air.

Naturally, when her owner Wes McGuirk arrived home at 10 p.m. that evening, he was shocked to see where Kora was in his backyard.

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“I was like how on earth did you get up there?” he said when he heard his dog shivering and whimpering up above him.

But the real question was just how he was going to help her get down. Wes had attempted to use a ladder to reach her, but it was too short.

Eventually, he knew he needed to call for help. Volunteer firefighters were soon on their way, “admittedly somewhat skeptical” about the entire situation.

Has your pet ever done anything like this?

“Dispatch was like, ‘you have a what in a tree?'” Wes explained. At first, they wondered if someone was just playing a prank on them.

But when they arrived, they saw for themselves how real the problem was. The dog was perched on a branch 20 feet away, and getting her down was going to be a challenge.

“We rolled in and we all looked out the driver side window and went ‘yeah there’s a dog up that tree, and it’s a big one,'” said one of the firefighters.

From there, the rescuers hatched a plan to bring Kora down. They attached a harness to her to gently lower her down and held out a tarp below in case she fell along the way.

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As they were lowering Kora down, stitching on the harness came loose. When she was about halfway down, it broke, but thankfully the tarp below was right there to catch her.

Kora bounced right off of it and took off into the house, unfazed by the entire ordeal.

As for the rest of the rescue team, the night is certainly one they’ll never forget — and hopefully one that won’t happen too often.

“It’s one of those that we’ll talk about down here for a long time,” one of the firefighters agreed.

“I can see a cat getting stuck in a tree, but never a 120 lb. dog,” Wes said. “Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again.”

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