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2-Year-Old Boy Can't Believe It When Mom Forgets To Kiss Him Goodbye in Adorable Video

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Kids get used to routines and expect that things will happen as they always have before. For example, they know when bedtime is coming around, and their attitude can change completely as they gear up for a battle of wills.

But it happens with positive encounters as well, and when their expectations aren’t met, incredulity can result — as one little boy from Jacksonville, Florida, has been showing people in the most adorable way.

Mom Diana Simos was in a rush. As she hurried to get back to work and ran out the door, leaving her two kiddos with her husband, she forgot one very important ritual that left her 2-year-old son, Alexander, absolutely appalled.

Her husband caught the whole thing on camera, and when Diana saw it, she thought it was so funny and cute that she decided to share it with the general public.

“VOLUME UP!!” she wrote in a Facebook post on Oct. 4. “After Alexander’s soccer practice i was in such a hurry to get back to work and my baby Alex was very upset he didn’t get the proper goodbye. He had a lot to say and my husband got it all on video lol.”

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The video opens on the toddler standing, facing the cameraman (dad) and looking defeated. The next few moments are peppered with adamant words, not all of which are intelligible.

There’s definitely a trend in the words you can hear, though: “Mama,” “me,” and a kissing noise are featured prominently, with Alex holding up his hands and shaking his head in disbelief.

Thankfully, Dad is able to translate to his son’s satisfaction.

“She didn’t give you a kiss?” Dad prompted. “And she just went to work?”

“Yeah!” Alex replied.

“What kind of momma does that?!” Dad asked.

Alex continues his incensed rant, the offense clear in his tone. At the end of the video, his dad responds by saying “Oh man!” and Alex echoes him.

The video got picked up and shared a week or so after Diana posted it, and plenty of people were amused by the little boy’s emotional outburst — but it’s clear this is a very loved little boy.

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“Sometimes mommies get in such a rush that we don’t realize we’ve missed an important thing like our precious goodbye kiss before leaving” a woman named Tammy Garrison commented on Action News Jax’s video share. “Like Amanda said I’m sure mommy gave him lots of kisses when she got home.”

“Tammy Garrison Scofield I definitely did!!” Diana posted in a comment reply. “I came home and was like ‘Alex are you mad me?!’ And he was like ‘mmmm YEA’ it broke my heart and haven’t stopped kissing him since lol.”

“Definitely learned my lesson,” she told Fox News. “Won’t leave for work before giving him a million kisses.”

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