3-Year-Old Girl Tries Paying for Meal with Fake Card. Server Plays Along Perfectly


When 22-year-old Carrabba’s server, Wendell Davenport, met a 3-year-old girl at one of his tables, he knew it was going to be an interesting night.

The little girl’s big personality took the front of the stage from the beginning. She was extremely talkative and even tried ordering for her entire family.

After the girl’s family had finished their meal, Davenport gave them the bill.

The precious toddler then very confidently pulled out her Barbie credit card. She had every intention of paying, giving it to him two times before he took it.

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He could’ve laughed. He could’ve refused to take it, but instead, he played along. 

He said, “I always was told by my parents if I work a job, why not be the best at it? I give people my best service every time I serve.”

So he took the little girl’s pink credit card to the register. One of his co-workers suggested he make a fake receipt to bring back to her.

So he took some scrap paper and drew lines for her to fill out and sign. He even put it and her credit card into its own holder.

The family left before he was able to say goodbye.

When he opened the little girl’s check holder not only had she filled out the receipt, but her parents also left an extra tip (with real money).

Davenport hopes that if the little girl’s parents see his post that they know their daughter “has a bright future ahead of her.”

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He said, “I was always told to simply treat people the way you would want to be treated. So I try my best to give people the A-1 service they deserve.”

There’s no way that little girl didn’t love the extra attention Davenport showed her. He went out of his way to make sure she felt included. He definitely deserved that extra tip!

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