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30-Year-Old Woman Reportedly Discovers 'Allergy Symptoms' Are Actually Caused by Brain Tumor


One London woman was convinced that she was struggling with a bad case of seasonal allergies when in fact something much more dangerous was going on beneath the surface.

SWNS reported that Gurcharan Kaur, 30, was struggling with day-to-day swelling in her eyes and even had trouble simply blinking. However, Kaur chalked all of this up to something many of us have fought over the years: allergies.

During certain times of the year, thousands of people deal with similar symptoms: itching, swelling and watery eyes. In most cases, these annoyances stem from a high pollen count — or possibly the neighbor’s cat that keeps climbing into your yard — but very rarely would anyone guess that a brain tumor could be to blame.

Assuming all she needed to solve her problems was an antihistamine, Kaur shrugged off her condition without much thought.

“I didn’t actually think I had something wrong with me,” she told SWNS.

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“I thought it was just developing hayfever. My eye would just sting in the morning but I’d just take an antihistamine and it would go away.”

Unconcerned, she went about her daily routine for some time without thinking much more about her symptoms. They appeared to her to be just one of life’s minor inconveniences.

However, one afternoon as she was waiting to pick up her sister from a job interview, Kaur happened to pass by a Vision Express store. On a whim, she decided to have her eyes checked.

At the office, a technician recommended a CT scan, which led to the discovery of something much worse than allergies.

Kaur had a brain tumor.

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Stunned, the 30-year-old resolved to alert others to the danger that she was so nearly willing to dismiss without another thought.

“I’ve been scared for my life,” she said. “I just want to warn people about ignoring what can be quite serious symptoms.”

At New Cross Hospital, doctors located fluid in the 30-year-old’s brain that didn’t belong there. They then discovered a colloid cyst behind her left eye, accounting for the swelling and itching. This type of tumor is typically characterized by headaches, but other symptoms can occur as well, according to UCLA Health.

Kaur was able to have her tumor removed without significant damage, thanks to the discovery and early diagnosis. She shared her story with the hope of preventing others from falling into the same situation that could potentially lead to a life-threatening condition.

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Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Phoenix, AZ