This 5-Month-Old Baby is About To Break a World Record with Visit to 50th State


One Canadian couple is giving their baby girl the experience of a lifetime and ultimate bragging rights. Five-month-old Harper Yeats may soon become the youngest person recorded to visit all 50 states!

Harper’s parents, Tristan and Cindy, are a travel-loving couple living in Canada, but originally from Australia. When they moved to Canada, visiting all 50 states became a goal for them as a couple.

They were able to visit 19 states before their little girl, Harper, came into the world. When Harper was only 8 weeks old, she crossed the U.S./Canada border for the first time into Maine; their hope was to visit the rest of the 31 states with their little one.

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After stumbling across the All Fifty States Club, an unofficial log of people who have visited all fifty states, they realized that Harper could potentially become the youngest person to join the club.

That’s when they began their adventurous journey as a family.


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?? Hello from Arizona – state number 25!!! ••• I am halfway along this crazy adventure! It’s so wonderful to have so many people on this journey with me and my family – thank you so much ❤️ We want to celebrate this milestone by sending postcards. If you (or someone you know) would like to receive one of my cards, here’s what you need to do: ≫ 1. Like this post. ≫ 2. Follow my account. ≫ 3. Go to the link in my bio and complete the form so I know where to send your card! ≫ 4. Comment below which of the first 25 states I have visited you would like on your card. ≫ 5. Help share my adventure by tagging your friends/family below [this one is optional but very much appreciated ❤️] ••• From me, Mummy and Daddy – thank you very much for following our adventure. We hope these cards will spread our love of travel and bring a little bit of extra happiness to your mailbox ? // @harper.yeats @uplateblog // #hmsyeats #babyyeats #uplatefamily // #harper50states #familygapyear #maternityleave #travelwithkids #travelwithbaby #familytravel #travelmadfam #wearetravelmums #ourtribetravels #loveyourtimetogether #familytravellove #babycantravel #adventureswithchildren #exploringfamilies

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Have you traveled across the U.S. with your children?

Leaving their full-time professional careers behind in Canada, they decided to learn how to be a new family of three while traveling. There have definitely been challenges, but the travel-loving family has learned how to overcome them together.

Cindy and Tristan told Liftable, a brand of The Western Journal, “We have learned how to make ourselves comfortable in new places and make each place feel as much like ‘home’ as possible.”

One of the biggest challenges, according to Tristan and Cindy, has been setting intentional time for rest while on the road.

“When you work Monday to Friday, you typically rest on the weekend – however, when you’re travelling (sic) full-time and you don’t have a routine or schedule to meet, it’s easy to forget that you need to take some time to just sit and relax for a while,” they said. “We learned very early on that if we tried to squeeze in too much and didn’t give ourselves down time, traveling was a lot less fun.”


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Happy Friday! I thought I’d kick off the weekend with a #FridayIntroduction so here goes – this is me with Daddy and Mummy. Daddy and Mummy are from Canberra, Australia but I’m a Canadian ? ••• Daddy is usually a Civil Engineer and Mummy is usually a lawyer but right now, we are being a full time travelling family. When I was born, Daddy and Mummy took leave from their jobs and decided to take me on an epic holiday to visit all 50 US states. We didn’t know it when we started out, but it turns out this could make me the youngest person to do it – so now we have made it our mission to make sure we complete our journey. We are almost halfway through our holiday and in a few days we will be halfway through all of the states! It’s a really exciting time but mostly we are just having a lot of fun spending time as a family and making memories all across this beautiful country. ••• Now we would love to know who you are! Let us know where you’re from and, if you have a little or littles like me, how old they are ? // @harper.yeats @tristanyeats @cindytjlim @uplateblog // #hmsyeats #babyyeats #uplatefamily

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Just like any newborn, Harper has good and bad days. Tristan and Cindy just try to remind themselves that even if they were home full-time she would still have fussy days.

They have noticed that little Harper already is showing particular interest in trees and National Parks. They hope that this entire experience will help her become a more adaptable person in the future.


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Flying among giants! ? ••• This is me flying around Sequoia National Park, home to the largest trees in the world! It is one of the best places I’ve visited so far because… well, I love looking at trees. I’m always looking up at them and enjoying the light flickering between the leaves. It’s hard to get my attention when I’m around trees. Even though it looks like I’m looking at the camera in this photo, I’m really looking at the tree behind Daddy ? ••• Hi, I’m Harper! I’m 19 weeks old and am on an epic trip around the USA. My family is trying to visit all 50 states before the end of the year, which could make me the youngest person to do it. I hope you will click that follow button and join my adventure! // @harper.yeats @uplateblog // #hmsyeats #babyyeats #uplatefamily // #california #visitcalifornia #sequoiakingsnps #findyourpark #walkamonggiants @visitcalifornia @sequoiakingsnps @nationalparkservice // #familygapyear #maternityleave #travelwithkids #travelwithbaby #familytravel #travelmadfam #wearetravelmums #ourtribetravels #loveyourtimetogether #familytravellove #babycantravel #adventureswithchildren #exploringfamilies

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Even though they’ve had their challenges on the road, Tristan and Cindy can’t ignore the amazing memories they’ve already made as a family.

Aside from the stunning views in various national parks and humbling experiences at museums, the family is soaking in the precious time they’ve been able to spend together and celebrating Harper’s milestones across the country.

She turned 2 months old in Boston, Massachusetts, 3 months old in New Orleans, Louisiana, and 5 months old in Lincoln, Nebraska. She had her first laugh in Mississippi and ate her first solid food in Anchorage, Alaska.


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?? Hello from Alaska! ••• Check out this awesome state sign alternative we found in Anchorage AK. It’s a mural painted by @greetingstour, who are on their own 50 states journey. Swipe → to see the only other state sign we could find (at Anchorage Airport) ? I think it’s safe to say the mural is way cooler ! •• Hi, I’m Harper! I’m 21 weeks old and am on an epic trip around the USA. My family is trying to visit all 50 states before the end of the year, which could make me the youngest person to do it. Check out my story on the Daily Advertiser (#linkinbio) and then I hope you’ll click that follow button to join my adventure! ≫ 17 states to go #harper50states // @harper.yeats @uplateblog // #hmsyeats #babyyeats #uplatefamily // #alaska #anchorage #travelalaska #thealaskalife #visitanchorage @visitanchorage @travelalaska @thealaskalife // #candidchildhood #magicofchildhood #mytinymoments #ourtreasuredmoments #childhoodunplugged #mybeautifulmess #humansofjoy #photosinbetween #thisjoyfulmoment #momswithcameras #watchthemgrow #teammotherly #kidswhoexplore #thehappynow #justbaby #throughachildseyes

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Harper’s first “dip” in the ocean was in Charleston, South Carolina, while her first swim in a pool was in Melbourne, Florida. She even rolled from her back to her front and onto her back again in North Liberty, Iowa.

Tristan and Cindy told Liftable, “It’s these little moments and memories which make some of the otherwise unheard of places as memorable to us as the ‘tourist’ sites we’ve visited, and will forever have them hold a special place in our hearts.”

The family plans to visit the 50th state, Vermont, on Oct. 18. While Vermont doesn’t hold any special significance for them, they are excited to see the vibrant autumn foliage. Harper will be “just shy” of 6 months when they make the final trip.

They have already submitted an application to Guinness World Records to officially name Harper as the youngest person to have visited all 50 states, but it is not an existing record so they are waiting on a response. Once they hear back, they will submit the evidence that they have been documenting along the way.

“Harper will be completing all 50 before she is 6 months old so we think there’s a good chance the Guinness World Records will recognise (sic) her as the youngest,” they said.

Even though Tristan and Cindy know that Harper will not remember the trip, they hope that when she looks back on the pictures and videos that she will feel loved.

“More than that, we hope that she will see that we took a chance and did something despite how hard everyone told us it would be and that this knowledge will give her confidence that she can do anything she puts her mind to,” they said.

“We also hope that this will just be the start of a life full of travel and adventure for Harper and that this will help to instill in her a sense of curiosity for what is out there in the world and inspire her to learn about everything around her as she grows up.”


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?? Hello from North Carolina! ••• North Carolina was a rare social visit for Mummy, Daddy and me! We spent a few days in Durham relaxing with my Uncle Lyndon and helping him set up his new home. We had so much fun, we have already planned a trip back at the end of the year after we’ve finished visiting all the states! ••• Hello, I’m Harper. I’m 12 weeks old and am making my way around the USA with my parents. We want to see all 50 states before I turn 6 months old, which may make me the youngest person to do it! Check out my story on @insideedition (#linkinbio) ≫ 37 states to go #harper50states ••• 》Romper: Cat & Jack by @target 》Headband: @target // @harper.yeats @uplateblog // #hmsyeats #babyyeats #uplatefamily // #visitnc #nctravel #northcarolina @visitnc @northcarolinatravel

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They also hope that their story will inspire other families to travel more together, even with kids.

“As for those following our journey, we hope that it will inspire other families to get out there and create memories together through travel, whether that’s to the opposite side of the world or just a road trip a few hours down the road,” they told Liftable.


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?? Hello from states 24, 25, 26 and 27! I am officially more than halfway to my goal of visiting all 50 states of the USA ? Can you guess which state was lucky number 25? Pop your guess in the comments below. ••• This photo was taken at the Four Corners Monument, the only place in the whole of the USA where you can be in four states at once. Swipe right to see my family do a lap of all four states TWICE in just seven seconds! ••• P.S. Stay tuned for my post on state number 25 because I’m going to share the details on how to get a postcard from me ❤️ If you’re super keen, you can turn on post notifications so you don’t miss it! // @harper.yeats @tristanyeats @cindytjlim @uplateblog // #hmsyeats #babyyeats #uplatefamily // #newmexico #gramofenchantment #newmexicotrue #visitabq #trueabq @newmexico @newmexicotrue #arizona #visitarizona @visit_arizona #visitcolorado #colorado #coloradolive @visitcolorado #utah #visitutah #yesvisitutah @visitutah

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“It really doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, it’s just about spending time together.”

You can follow their journey on Harper’s Instagram account or on Tristan and Cindy’s Facebook page. We wish them safe travels and many more memories in the future!

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