Watch: Acosta Loses Last Shred of Manliness in Live Hissy Fit on Trump Wrestling Jokes


“The left has no sense of humor.” “The left are a bunch of snowflakes.”

Those are just two of the things often claimed by the right about their political opponents, and CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta certainly didn’t do anything to disprove the theories in his coverage of President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Missoula, Montana, for Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte.

Let’s review what happened, point by point.

First, we need to know what Trump actually said. Fortunately it was all caught on camera, so everyone can see and hear it for themselves.

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When Acosta filed his report with CNN show host Don Lemon, it was Lemon who brought up the topic, drawing a line between Trump’s joke and the presumed gruesome murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In Acosta’s response, he noted more than once that Trump was joking, but then circled back around to relating it to Khashoggi’s alleged murder by Saudi Arabian officials.

Acosta also implied that Trump was off-base with Democratic mob violence talk and pointed out that one person in the crowd made wresting gestures in support of what Trump said. It was apparently very disturbing to Acosta, who completely ignored the verified mob harassment and violence from the left, along with the calls for it by Democratic politicians.

Do you believe that wresting move gestures in response to jokes are violent threats?

He also failed to recognize any of the Democratic politicians physically attacking members of the media and others. Because Trump making a joke about Gianforte body-slamming a reporter who ignored requests to leave, a crime to which Gianforte pleaded guilty, is somehow akin to a reporter allegedly being brutally murdered and far more newsworthy than multiple, injury-causing attacks by the left.


The reporter who was attacked by Gianforte tweeted about what happened to him. He cited no injuries, just broken glasses. How is that even remotely similar to a reporter allegedly being brutally tortured, murdered and hacked into pieces?

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Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters has also allegedly assaulted a reporter. A lawsuit has been filed by the attacked journalist, Laura Loomer, against Waters.

And while it was against a heckler, not a reporter, former Sen. Al Franken has his own body-slamming incident to his name. This occurred in 2004. Did the left call him out over it?

And there’s also this little gem from 2010 of a Democratic congressman from North Carolina assaulting a student reporter. It was caught on video.

The Daily Wire reported that “in June 2010, North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge, a seven-term elected Democrat, was asked by a student reporter if he supported the ‘Obama agenda.’ Etheridge promptly attempted to grab the reporter’s cell phone camera, then grab the reporter’s wrist, demanding, ‘Who are you! Tell me who you are … I have a right to know who you are!'”

“One of the student’s friends, who caught the incident on camera, said, ‘We’re just here for a project.’ When the student in Etheridge’s grip asked to be released, Etheridge instead grabbed him by the neck.”

But a joke by Trump and then gestures by one man are big, bad, scary stuff, right? It is worth noting that no member of the media has ever been attacked at a Trump rally to date.

All of this brings us to the final point. For some, Acosta just lost his man card by expressing a form of fear over the one man in the audience making those wresting gestures in response to what even Acosta acknowledged was a joke.

Did anyone sitting by the man complain or flee the scene in terror of the “threat” he posed? It seems Acosta was the only one imagining it was some form of threat.

Much like Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Acosta is the gift that keeps on giving to the right.

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