Actors' Choice of Clothing, Footwear in Oval Office Sparks Debate: 'This Country Is Going to Hell'


Social media is blasting actors who visited the White House on Monday over their choice of clothing.

On Monday, President Biden and the first lady welcomed the cast of the popular sitcom “Ted Lasso” to the White House to discuss the issue of mental health, but the outfits worn by the visitors sparked a fierce backlash online.

The criticism was directed at the fact that the actors were dressed rather casually for a visit to the White House, where they were to meet the president of the United States and the first lady.

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Journalist Saager Entjeti took to Twitter to say, “Call me old fashioned but no man should set foot in the Oval Office without dress shoes and especially NOT sneakers.”

In a follow-up tweet, Entjeti said that the fact that they dressed casually for a visit to the Oval Office indicated, “This country is going to hell.”

Others were quick to add to the criticism, saying that there is no reason that one should enter the White House to meet the president without the proper formal attire.

However, while the debate over what one should wear when visiting the White House is important, there is a much bigger issue at play here, which is that the White House is giving more concern to the needs of Hollywood celebrities than the needs of ordinary Americans.

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The actors were invited to the White House to discuss mental health. However, many people wondered if Hollywood actors were really the right people to speak about the subject, especially given everything else that is happening in the country right now.

The rise of mental health issues across the country is alarming, especially coming out of the COVID pandemic. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, “The pandemic has affected the public’s mental health and well-being in a variety of ways, including through isolation and loneliness, job loss and financial instability, and illness and grief.”

It is important to focus on improving mental health and offer support to those who need it across the country; however, for the president there are far more pressing issues that need to be addressed right now. We are currently dealing with rising inflation, an open southern border, and a rapid increase in crime.

Would you wear sneakers to meet the president?

Instead of taking the time to deal with these issues that are affecting ordinary Americans, Biden has chosen instead to have a friendly chat with a group of wealthy Hollywood elites.

To top it all off, Biden has not yet visited East Palestine, Ohio, since a train crash released hazardous chemicals into the environment. Apparently, he cannot find the time to do that, but it seems as if he most certainly can find the time to meet with celebrities to discuss mental health. One Twitter user called it a “very bad look.”

The actors’ poor choice of clothing was frankly just the cherry on top of a much larger issue: Biden appears to be completely out of touch with the needs of ordinary Americans.

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