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Adorable Cat Named 'Frankenkitten' Has One Eye and Was Born with Four Ears


What has four feet, four ears, one eye and an unusual name? Frankenkitten.

That might sound mean at first, but in reality it’s a fitting name for an adorably unique feline who belongs to Georgia Anderson, according to Cattitude Daily.

He also goes by the much more pedestrian moniker “Frank.”

When Frank came into the world in Victoria, Australia, he and his sibling were strays, making their home under a house until they were caught and placed in the care of Geelong Animal Welfare Society.

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Frank had been born with two eyes, but by the time he got veterinary care it was clear that one of his eyes was infected and needed immediate medical attention.

“He was found to be suffering from a very painful eye infection that resulted in the almost immediate removal of his right eye,” the Frankenkitten Facebook “About” page reads. “It was at GAWS that it was discovered that Frankie had a few other surprises – most interestingly – FOUR ears.”

“Two ears are normal and include everything needed for hearing. His additional two ears are pinna only (no internal parts), and are located in front of his normal ears, facing inwards.”

Since the extra ear nubs weren’t causing any issues for the kitten, the rescue decided to leave them as they were: “There was no medical reason to remove these ears, so they stayed and became part of Frankie’s unique features.”

However, not all the little cat’s features were so benign: He also had a large overbite, and medical professionals were concerned that he wouldn’t be able to eat on his own.

“Thankfully he can eat just fine, and when his adult teeth grow in, he will need the lower canines removed to prevent them from growing up into the roof of his mouth,” his About page reveals.

Once the kitten was scheduled for his surgery, he needed a foster, which is when Anderson stepped in. Despite how much Frank’s eye must have been hurting, his loving little heart still shone through.

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“The first thing he did when I picked him up was purr and rub his face on mine,” Anderson said, according to Cattitude Daily. “I told the girls in the vet clinic that I would foster him for recovery after his eye removal.”

“When I got him home, he was very dopey and in pain, but still had so much love and affection for me, the kids and other animals.”

“By the next morning, I’d decided that I wanted to keep him,” she said. “I’ve probably fostered around 80 cats and kittens in the last year, and he was the first one that I knew I would regret giving back.”

Frank joined a lively household that includes three other cats, a dog and various foster critters.

“Despite being a bit of a genetic mystery, Frankenkitten is just your regular young kitten, exploring his world, getting into mischief, and keeping his human mum awake at night doing zoomies around the house,” Frank’s Facebook page states.

Anderson keeps social media accounts for those interested in following along with Frankenkitten’s adventures.

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