AG Merrick Garland Moves to Exploit Chauvin Verdict, Announces Massive Investigation by the DOJ


It seems that every time something undesirable happens, the left is desperate to turn each isolated incident into some sort of overarching problem. A new announcement from Attorney General Merrick Garland is the latest example.

Garland announced Wednesday that the Justice Department will open an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department following the conviction of former officer Derek Chauvin, The New York Times reported.

“The Justice Department has opened a civil investigation to determine whether the Minneapolis Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful policing,” Garland said Wednesday.

This is in addition to a separate Justice Department investigation into whether Chauvin “violated Mr. Floyd’s civil rights,” according to The Times.

For leftists, it is not enough that they got the guilty verdicts they wanted in the Chauvin trial. Instead, they must now exploit that ruling to further push their political agenda.

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If the Justice Department was going to run a fair, objective investigation into the MPD, that would be one thing. But if recent behavior from Biden’s administration tells us anything, that will most likely not be the case.

Biden has already decided that the system of policing in America is evil. After the verdict on Tuesday, he said as much in a public speech.

“No one should be above the law, and today’s verdict sends that message, but it’s not enough,” he said. “We can’t stop here. In order to deliver real change and reform, we can and we must do more to reduce the likelihood that a tragedy like this will ever happen or occur again.”

Hidden inside that statement is an assumption that the system of policing in America is inherently corrupt. By saying that something “must be done” to ensure that future tragedies don’t occur, he is implying that the current system will bring about tragedies.

In Biden’s mind, it’s not that there are bad police officers inside a good system. Instead, it’s the system itself that is corrupt.

This line of rhetoric is false and dangerous, and it makes it hard to believe that his Justice Department is opening an investigation with pure intentions.

Later in the speech, Biden suggested that the best way to honor Floyd would be to pass partisan legislation that Biden himself agrees with.

“George Floyd was murdered almost a year ago,” he said. “There’s meaningful police reform legislation in his name … legislation to tackle systemic misconduct in police departments, to restore trust between law enforcement and the people they’re entrusted to serve and protect. But it shouldn’t take a whole year to get this done.”

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In other words, Biden is saying that because they named the police reform bill after George Floyd, it should be a referendum on his death.

The reality is that the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is a highly partisan bill that could cause even more problems in America.

Washington lawyer Hans Bader wrote in an article for Liberty Unyielding that the bill “could actually cause systematic racism and sexism.”

“The Justice in Policing Act encourages police departments to adopt quotas based on gender and race for ‘traffic stops,’ ‘pedestrian stops,’ and ‘interviews.’

“The practical effect would be to encourage police departments to stop innocent women, Asians, and whites, just to meet quotas based on gender and race.”

Surely the best way to honor Floyd is not with a bill that potentially encourages police officers to racially profile American citizens.

The larger point here is that Biden and his party are not investigating the MPD in order to find an objective answer about whether there is a pattern of racism. They have already decided that this pattern exists, and the investigation will simply be an attempt to justify their preconceived notions.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.