Popular 'Christian' Rapper to Derek Chauvin: 'Don't Drop the Soap, Hoe'


A self-proclaimed Christian rapper posted a tweet Tuesday expressing a very un-Christian sentiment.

In the aftermath of Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict being delivered earlier in the day, rapper Derek Minor tweeted a disgusting warning aimed at the former police officer.

“Don’t drop the soap, hoe…,” he wrote.

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Understandably, he received major backlash for his tweet from those both inside and outside of his circle of influence.

One Twitter user joked, “What a great and mature role model you are.”

Another user asked Minor where “1 Peter 3:15, Colossians 4:6, Galatians 5:22-23” and other verses fit into his statement. All three of those passages call on Christians to honor God with their words by speaking with gentleness and patience.

Minor’s tweet did the exact opposite.

Of course, Christians make mistakes. James 3:2 says, “For we all stumble in many ways.” However, that doesn’t make the content of his tweet any better.

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Following the justified backlash against his initial tweet and calls for him to repent, Minor tweeted Tuesday, “I repent for NOT calling him [a hoe] when [he] suffocated the life out of that man and watched him cry for his mother as he smirked at the crowd watching. Amen.”

As infuriating as Minor’s pride was, one Twitter user hit the nail on the head in an excellent display of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. He tweeted in a reply to Minor’s tweet, “I think the point here is that there are other words we can use.”

This user continued, writing, “We need to be praying for Chauvin that the Holy Spirit will intervene in his life and radically transform him.”

Eventually, Minor tweeted that he “Didn’t mean to offend nobody,” adding, “I was just hurt. Pray for me.”

Minor deserves some credit for asking for prayer following the controversy. That being said, he didn’t publicly admit that his original tweet was wrong.

This is a rapper with a decent following of over 100,000 people on Twitter alone, tweeting a disgusting sentiment about “drop[ping] the soap” while marketing himself as a “Christian artist.”

Mistakes can and will be made in the Christian life, and it’s important to acknowledge that no man can be perfect apart from Christ.

However, repentance is a focal point of the Christian walk and one that demonstrates a truly regenerated spirit. Minor, at least in these tweets, did not appear to be repentant.

It’s possible the rapper has repented in some form or fashion, but he has not done so publicly. Hopefully, Minor will decide to speak on issues like the Chauvin trial in a way that glorifies God.

Only time will tell.

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