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Age 4 Boy Gets Stuck in Hollow Tree Until 'Hero' Bystander Comes to the Rescue


As restrictions have lifted, families have ventured back out into the wide world a little at a time. It’s hard to stay at home, indoors, with young children, especially when those children love to scamper about.

When Lindsey Ibrahim took her young boys to the Eastham Country Park in Merseyside, England, for the first time in nine weeks, she had no idea their exploration would lead them into a tricky predicament that would get them some online fame.

It was young Finley Ibrahim, 4, who couldn’t help but poke around the park’s more unseen features. He found an interesting hole in a tree and popped right in.

“The hole at the bottom was on a slant so it was so easy for him to slide in and he was investigating it until he got to the top and probably did that just to make me laugh,” Lindsey said, according to the Daily Mail.

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“He said ‘look mummy, I’m stuck like a bug in a rug’ and then he asked ‘are you going to have to take my head off to get the rest of my body out’?”

“Earlier in the day he’d found another hole in a tree and he was looking to see if there’s a badger in there, so he’s a real investigator of anything.”

So when Finley called his mom over, she was mortified to find he was well and truly stuck.

“I ran over, and I just spotted the top of Finley’s face, with a hand and an arm poking out, and I was mortified at the time, thinking ‘oh my word, what am I going to do’?”

Lindsey has a bad back, so helping Finley out herself was out of the question. But she saw a family nearby and asked the dad for help.

“I was embarrassed to ask [the dad] because of social distancing, so he had all the right to say no, but he found the funny side and offered straight away to help.”

“He came over and the guy was like spiderman, he just sprang to the top of this tree trunk, he pulled him hard a few times and then Finley popped out the top. Luckily the man was there, otherwise I don’t know what I was going to do. He was like a hero, but I didn’t catch his name.”

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She did manage to get a picture of their hero — with his permission — but since she never got his name, she posted on a local group in hopes that he might see it.

“Thank you to the man who came to my rescue when one of my boys got himself stuck in a tree today!!” she wrote. “Life with boys hey xx.”

While initially the mom was a little panicky, she soon saw how funny their situation was — though she probably should have seen it coming.

“Finley can’t even put his head in a jumper, and we’ve always told him not to put his head in railings or anything daft like that because you’ll get it stuck,” she said.

“Well he’s gone global, how mad is this!!” Lindsey shared on Facebook.

The photos she managed to capture have been shared many times and many people have gotten a good giggle over Finley’s misadventure.

“The photos will certainly go in the family album,” Lindsey added, “and Finley can go back to school with this really good story.”

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