Age 8 Girl with Special Needs Shamed by Woman for Cheering Too Loud at Astros Game


There are definitely times and places where noise levels should be lowered. Libraries are one of those places, but really anywhere people are gathered to work quietly at something, unnecessary noise is not welcome.

On the other hand, there are times when making loud noises is not only warranted, it’s encouraged — and ball games are definitely one of those places. Fans cheer, that’s what they’re supposed to do.

And yet one of the Houston Astros’ fans got in trouble for doing just that. Chloe Beaver, 8 years old, is one of the biggest little fans of the team, and has plenty of gear to prove it.

She’s already attended six games this year and has been known to whip up the fans around her into a cheering frenzy. “I go ‘Let’s go Astros’ and whoever is going up, I cheer their name,” Chloe said in an interview with Fox News.

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On Sunday’s game, though, Chloe bumped into some less-than-enthusiastic fans. A woman sitting a row ahead of Chloe and her family was fed up with the girl’s shouting, and turned to give her a piece of her mind.

“Enough!” she told the 8-year-old. Chloe was crushed. Her parents caught the moment on video, and it has since made the rounds on the internet.

Do you think this woman should have confronted the parents instead of the little girl?

A sports game is a place where you should expect loud noises, but this woman couldn’t handle it. She probably didn’t know, either, that Chloe had disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, which made her unable to process more-complex emotions.

The video is heartbreaking because it shows Chloe embarrassed and quiet after the scolding. When her family tries to get her to cheer again, she shakes her head and shrinks back.

While most viewers have commiserated with the hushed child, there are a few who think the woman was within her rights. Some commented, saying that they’d have done the same if there was incessant shouting going on close to them.

But even if the shouting had been a bit much for the disgruntled fan, she could have been more mature in the way she handled it. Chloe’s mother pointed this out, saying that she should have addressed her or her husband, not Chloe.

“If you have an issue with somebody’s children, talk to the parent,” Monica, Chloe’s mother, said. “Not the child. We tried to get our row and the row behind us to cheer on and get her to keep cheering.”

“It took a little bit though but there were a bunch of people upset at that situation, so we tried to fix it in a positive manner.”

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Chloe’s dad, Joe Beaver, said that they were already monitoring their kids’ noise level. “I mean you don’t know what anybody’s going through,” he said. “I mean, we were telling them throughout some of the innings if they were getting loud and between innings and before the game, ‘hey let’s wait till they start going out on the field.”

“But you’re at a stadium. You’re supposed to be loud. You’re supposed to cheer your team on.”

“I’ve never watched a game on TV where it’s not loud and you don’t hear everything in the audience. You get loud and if you don’t want to be at a loud area, don’t go to the game.”

It was unfortunate that this situation had to occur in the first place, but, on the bright side, the kerfuffle caught the attention of one of the pitchers for the Houston Astros and he extended a unique offer to Chloe.

Now she’ll have another opportunity to attend a game, compliments of Lance McCullers Jr., and cheer all she wants.

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