Age 9 Girl Has Message to All after Using Birthday Money to Feed Homeless on Streets


The little girl approached a woman seated on a sidewalk against a wall. The 9-year-old was bundled up in a winter hat with a pompon and a coat with a faux-fur collar.

Immediately, she began handing the woman gifts.

She placed soup, a hot drink, and food on the ground next to Margaret Smith, a 23-year-old homeless woman in Manchester, England.

“She wanted to buy it for someone,” the little girl’s mother explained. “Thank you, sweetheart,” Smith said to the girl and wished her a Merry Christmas.

The girl beamed as she turned and walked away, holding her mother’s hand.

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“That’s lovely, isn’t it?” Smith said as she watched the girl head down the sidewalk.

The young girl’s name is Molly McGinley. She had seen people handing out food to homeless people on the streets and heard of kids at her school doing the same.

She told her mother she wanted to do something similar.

And she took the generosity a step further by using her birthday money to pay for the warm food and drinks.

“It’s sad in winter; it’s really cold,” Molly told the Manchester Evenings News. She knew she could get a coat to stay warm but that not everyone was as fortunate.

The woman she approached talked of it being so cold that her socks had hardened. She became homeless after a divorce.

The woman said she loved music. She had dreamed of being a singer at one time and sometimes played a free piano outside for people walking by.

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The frigid temperatures of winter are potentially dangerous for anyone who doesn’t have a warm retreat.

Molly let her heart guide her in offering what help she could.

“I did it with my birthday money, and I do think everyone should do something like that to help,” she said.

By the smile on her face as she passed out the food, she’s reminded people young and old of what a gift giving can be.

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