Age 91 Grandpa Hears Honking as He Walks Out of Breakfast. Granddaughter Has Birthday Surprise


Classic car shows can be great fun for many people. Cars from many different decades, fixed up to look brand new, not only show how far the industry has come but give the people of today a glimpse into life in a different time.

When Meghan Roberts took her 90-year-old grandfather to such a show in the summer, his joy was abundantly clear. He shared details about the various cars with her.

According to Roberts, “He came alive admiring the old cars and trucks — even naming their make, model and year from a distance (and getting it right most of the time).”

That sparked an idea for her. Roberts thought it would be a wonderful treat to get him a ride in a classic car for his 91st birthday.

So, she took to Facebook, posting a request on her neighborhood’s page for help making this gift happen.

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The request was answered by a stranger, a local dentist named Matthew R. Comfort.

Comfort was more than happy to give the World War II veteran a ride in his 1939 Ford pickup truck.

He even worked with Roberts on the timing of the ride, so it could be a complete surprise for her “Gramps.”

As Roberts and Gramps were leaving breakfast at a restaurant, Comfort pulled up in front, honking the horn. According to Roberts, “Gramps was overjoyed.”

Gramps got to go for a spin around town with Comfort in the classic truck, but Comfort didn’t just take him around the block. Roberts reported that he took Gramps “all around town.”

Photos were taken to memorialize the gift. Roberts then shared the story and photo with KTVU’s Frank Sommerville.

Roberts and her sister had always loved the “Real People. Real Stories.” features Sommerville did, and thought this one about Gramps and the generosity and kindness of Comfort fit the bill for such a story.

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Sommerville shared it on Facebook and those commenting on it were thrilled for Gramps to get to have such a special day.

They were also touched by Comfort’s willigness to help make such a special memory for a complete stranger.

Roberts wrote about the classic truck ride provided by Comfort, that “My Gramps had one of the best experiences in recent memory.”

It may have well been a memorable day for Comfort, too, who got to share his love of classic cars with Gramps and got to spend time with the knowledgeable veteran.

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