Al Sharpton: Black America Is 'Being Stabbed in the Back' by Joe Biden


Controversial left-wing activist the Rev. Al Sharpton has joined a chorus of people from across the political spectrum who are decrying President Joe Biden over broken campaign promises and chaotic policy.

Facing multiple crises both foreign and domestic, Biden is entrenched against conservative and independent Americans who perhaps hoped his calls for unity following the 2020 election would bring the country together.

Instead of pursuing unity, Biden has catered to the far left of his party as the country has faced destabilization at home and abroad. Aside from the border crisis, the country left Afghanistan last month with the stinging feeling of defeat.

In addition to those crises, prices for basic commodities are up for Americans of all stripes.

Biden is also facing hurdles with Democrats in Congress over the price of a $3.5 trillion spending proposal and he spent part of Friday threatening his country’s own border patrol agents:

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If Biden was under the impression he still had the blind support of every loyal Democratic black voter, Sharpton on Thursday let it be known publicly that they, too, intend to hold the president to account.

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Sharpton actually accused Biden of double-crossing minority voters who supported him last November in large numbers.

“[Biden] said on election night: Black America, you had my back, I’ll have yours,” Sharpton told The Washington Post on Thursday . “Well, we’re being stabbed in the back, Mr. President. We need you to stop the stabbing — from Haiti to Harlem.”

Sharpton, who visited the epicenter of a humanitarian crisis in Del Rio, Texas, on Thursday to call for an end to deportations of Haitian migrants, told the Post Biden could rectify his betrayal of black America by offering those Haitians residency.

The Post reported Sharpton said Biden faces a “defining moment,” and still has the opportunity to “rise to the occasion.”

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That, Sharpton said, or the president could turn the knife and let down “those that helped you get there.”

Sharpton actually took to social media Thursday to unleash on the Biden administration to his 666,000 Twitter followers in a message directed at the Department of Homeland Security.

“The treatment of Haitians in Texas is unacceptable and a moral outrage,” Sharpton wrote. “DHS must meet immediately. This must be stopped!!!”

The controversial political figure spoke briefly in Del Rio on Thursday, but his remarks — at least at one point — were drowned out by hecklers.

Sharpton and those hecklers do share some overlapping anger.

Biden, during the 2020 campaign, was accused of taking black votes for granted, and at times appeared as though he thought he was entitled to them.

Sharpton appears to have something in common with a majority of the country right now, according to polling: He has a bone to pick with the White House.

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