Flashback: Al Sharpton Has Complete Meltdown After Seeing Black Crowd Full of MAGA Hats


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It takes a special kind of ugly hatred to label an act of generosity and kindness as somehow a bad thing to do; a “low” thing to do.

But perhaps going for a “hold my beer” moment of his own in the annals of stupid commentary, “race-baiter” Rev. Al Sharpton made such a claim about President Donald Trump.

BizPac Review reported that Trump graciously allowed Turning Points USA to hold this year’s Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House. But, according to Sharpton on MSNBC, “It’s one of the lowest things he could ever do.”

“To go in the East Room, which is sacred, have a staged rally. Notice that all of those youngsters had caps on. It was almost like we’re going to dress you for the photo. And to call it a young black leader summit ….”

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His ignorant commentary about Trump and the black youth who participated in the summit was not missed by social media. Twitter users had a field day calling him out over it. First up, the “dress you for the photo” comment, which also implies the hats, etc were bought and paid for by Trump, not the attendees.

Do you believe Rev. Al Sharpton should apologize for his comments?

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But they didn’t stop there. Critics also called Sharpton out over other parts of his comments, and general behavior.

It is a popular saying that if you want to know what the left is doing, look at what they are accusing the right of doing. It has been shown, more than once, that the left pays protesters and rally attendees.

Just because they do it, does not mean the right does it. Perhaps the right doesn’t need to pay people to show up.

Regardless, Sharpton’s degrading comment about the black youth in attendance was unbefitting someone who is purported to be a black leader. How sad that rather than encouraging black youths in their quest for striving for excellence as leaders, he chose to attempt to shame them, instead.

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