Andrew Tate Released from Prison After Sending Out Cryptic Message to Followers


Romanian authorities released Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan from prison on Friday and will place them under house arrest.

Andrew, 36, and Tristan, 34, were arrested late last year on suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking.

During this time, the two have been held on “preventative arrest,” thereby allowing Romanian authorities to detain the brothers as authorities continue their investigation into them, according to the UK Mirror.

After having extended their detention three time prior, the Bucharest Court of Appeal granted the Tate brother’s appeal, which asked that they be allowed to serve the remainder of their detention under house arrest.

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The decision overruled a judge’s ruling from last week, which would have extended their arrest for 30 more days, the Mirror reported.

Tate has maintained his innocence and a spokesperson for the brothers referred to the accusations against them as “fabricated.”

“We are ecstatic to announce the Romanian judicial system approved Andrew’s and Tristan Tate’s appeal against last week’s extension decision,” the spokesperson told told Mirror Fighting. “They will be placed under house arrest while the investigation continues.”

Should Tate have been released from prison?

“We are appreciative of the judge and courts for allowing the brothers to return home. Both brothers are looking forward to being reunited with their families in Romania and want to extend their thanks to all the supporters who have stood by them during this time,” they said, according to the Mirror.

The spokesperson added, “They will continue to fight to clear their name of these fabricated accusations; however, this is a big step in the right direction.”

Further details surrounding the conditions of their release are to be released soon, Tate’s communications director, Mateea Petrescu, said.

Perhaps anticipating their release from prison, Tate – a recently converted Muslim – said in a tweet on Wednesday: “Friday. InshaAllah.” The phrase is Arabic for “if God wills.”

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He has previously given out similar cryptic messages, such as when he said “The Matrix sent their agents,” after being arrested.

Interestingly enough, many have pointed out that both Tate and the original 1999 “The Matrix” movie were released on March 31.

As a multi-millionaire online celebrity and influencer, Tate frequently cites the sci-fi film and encourages his followers to escape the “work /consume/ die cycle.”

Clips of Tate’s appearances on podcasts have gone viral on social media for their promotion of topics related to masculinity. However, his controversial takes are frequently considered misogynistic and have led to him being banned on multiple platforms.

As of now, the two brothers have not been formally charged with a crime.

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