Angela Box: Dr. King, We Have a Problem


There’s a curious and frightening thing happening around the world with our leftist brothers and sisters. More and more of them are embracing outright racism and open hostility toward white people.

Their excuse, of course, is that racism is all well and good if it is directed toward whites or people they feel have “privilege.”

In the last week alone, there have been several alarming illustrations that have pinged my “Uh-Oh” antenna.

In South Africa, the former apartheid state has now devolved into tribalism and aggressiveness in the form of state-sponsored confiscation of white farmers’ land — with no compensation.

Both South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and  Economic Freedom Fighters party leader Julius Malema — clearly devotees of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe — have called for speeding up the theft of white-owned land.

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The increasingly brutal South African government is taking some misguided revenge on whites by stealing their land and giving them not one dime for it.

This worked out so well in Zimbabwe, no?

In addition, Ramaphosa has said he’s not calling for the slaughter of whites — not yet, anyway (yes, he really said this). And Malema — whose influence in the country is growing, said: “Go after a white man. … We are cutting the throat of whiteness.”

The dirty little secret is the entire continent of Africa is quickly dissolving into a series of hellholes — or as President Trump colorfully called them — “s—hole countries”.

Methinks he had a point.

Over in Silicon Valley, the bastion of liberal insanity, YouTube is being sued by a former whistleblower employee who claims — with documentation — that white and Asian men were outright discriminated against because their skin color and/or gender did not comport with YouTube‘s desires of forced diversity. Never mind merit-based hiring: the bean counters at YouTube are simply determining who gets interviewed based on race.

Which, on its face, is the very definition of racism.

News flash, YouTube: hiring someone solely based on gender, race, or sexual orientation is not called “inclusion” or “diversity” –- it’s called discrimination.

Over in the Senate, crusty old curmudgeon Senator Chuck Schumer of New York stated he would not vote for the nominee to a district court in South Carolina because the man was white. President Obama had attempted to “recess appoint” a liberal, black nominee in the slot, and so naturally Schumer determined that racism was afoot because Trump wanted his own nominee on the bench.

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On HBO, there is an insipid, preachy, excessively #SJW new show called “Here and Now” which envisions a world where white people will soon be the minority and wait hand-and-foot on People of Color (who are just inherently more moral and superior).

Yes, a world where Whitey defers to people with different skin color — simply due to their race — as some sort of perverted payback for the practice of slavery which literally nobody alive today on this planet had anything to do with. THIS is liberals’ Utopia.

In colleges and universities, white students are forced to take courses about “white privilege” — as if by simply being white, they are fundamentally evil and must be cleansed.

This insidious, left-wing, neo-racism is growing. Bastions of liberal thought accept it as progress, when in actuality it is regression of the most base and immoral kind.

Because of liberalism, skin color is not seen as simply a part of who an individual is: rather, the amount of melanin in their skin determines how moral, just or virtuous they are.

As a society, we will be doomed if we continue this willful Balkanization of individuals.

The American Experiment — this experiment of rugged individualists being judged on content of character rather by color of skin, sexual orientation, or gender — will disappear if we continue to destroy ourselves through Death by Forced Diversity.

Our American slogan — E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One) — still means something … at least it does to me.

I hope it does to you, too.

Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. A version of this article originally appeared on her blog,

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Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. She currently works with a political consultant on candidate races throughout America.