Angela Box: The Liberal Meltdown Is the Greatest Show on Earth


Do you smell that, patriots?

Kick aside the dirty needles and piles of human feces you find on the quaint streets of Seattle and San Francisco. Make your way past the tattooed and body-pierced non-binary, genderqueers of Berkeley and Brooklyn. Hold your nose as you step over an able-bodied millennial who is choosing homelessness #BecauseAntifa.

You’ll find that littered among the fetid armpits and unwashed hair of liberals, there is an underlying and deeper scent: the scent of desperation and fear.

The full liberal meltdown is now on full display.

Every week there’s another reason for these exceedingly unhappy lumps of flesh to lose what’s left of their minds.

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An elected official like Rep. Maxine Waters (whose wig glue seems to be seeping into her scalp) is calling for violence and aggressive harassment of Trump administration officials. Sen. Cory Booker and others Second That Emotion.

To wit:

Stephen Miller, Trump’s most trusted aide on immigration, had his personal phone number released into the sewer of Twitter by a liberal group.

Occupy Wall Street has told fellow cockroaches how to murder ICE agents — and the Twitter post still exists.

Is President Trump winning against the left?

Department of Homeland  Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was attacked in a Mexican restaurant by leftist thugs — including an Obama holdover from the Department of Justice.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was chased out of a Mister Rogers documentary.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family were kicked out of a Virginia restaurant because the owner took a poll of her idiot workers and they all agreed to make Sanders leave (and then proceeded to harass her family at another restaurant).

Never-relevant Peter Fonda publicly called for Barron Trump to be kidnapped from his mother, the first lady, and thrown into a cage with pedophiles.

Kathy Griffin — she of the Trump severed head skit — has excoriated comedian Kevin Hart for not bashing Trump.

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Bill Maher wants a recession, so Trump’s (and Normal America’s) policies will be proven wrong.

The examples of the collective left’s serious mental breakdown are endless. (I didn’t even mention how insane the media is!)

Imagine the hatred they must feel every day for their fellow Americans. That is what the left is: Pure and unbridled hate — from the arbiters of “peace,” “love,” and “tolerance.”

Their philosophy is unworkable, and their policies are not supported by the majority — so they resort to fascist tactics (and the leftist judiciary) to get their way. That’s enough to put anyone in a bad mood!

And what has caused the latest liberal meltdown?

The leftists’ latest tantrum is caused by President Trump enforcing current immigration law, and then using an executive order to keep illegal alien families together — as they await deportation.

Leftists are even using fake photos of crying little girls and children in cages taken during the Obama administration to gin up outrage! (Side note: if Trump is so awful, why does the corrupt media have to invent illegal alien sob stories?)

The Democrat Party, which supposedly used to be the party of working-class Americans, wants to import uneducated and illegal foreign nationals and elevate them over American citizens.

They think Normal America is the enemy – not foreign invaders.

They think Trump’s tweets that illegals should be immediately sent back from whence they came – a sentiment which is shared by a vast majority of Americans – is a sign that he is Adolf Hitler.

Naturally, calling any Republican Hitler is nothing new, but the frothing of the mouth these psychotics are engaging in over Trump is really something to behold.

They are completely melting down.

When the media lament the lack of civility in America right now, who else are we to blame but them?

After all, they are the ones who have insisted on 90 percent negative media coverage for the Trump administration — and refuse to highlight anything positive at all.

Even with all of these cards stacked against him — in addition to the Obama administration and his FBI, DOJ, and CIA minions trying to fix an election for Hillary Clinton and allow her to get away with numerous crimes while trying to destroy her opponent — Donald Trump is winning.

He is winning because his policies are commonsense solutions supported by a growing majority of the American people.

Trump’s stance on immigration reflects what the American people want.

We have been screaming from the rooftops for 20 years to build a border wall and fix the system that allows illegals and their progeny to be placed above American citizens. We’ve begged our leaders stop the practice of funding sanctuary cities, welfare to illegals, or sending aid to nations that send their poorest and most uneducated illegally over our border.

Leftist elites don’t care about these people streaming over our border – the invaders who expect American taxpayers to take care of them and their children.

Elites want to make sure they are stocked with nannies and gardeners in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Manhattan, East Hampton, Martha’s Vineyard, and Loudoun County — and anywhere else they gather.

Elites never have to deal with the actual ramifications of illegal immigration.

Ramifications like the American children who can’t get an education because the teacher’s time is spent remediating and teaching English as a Second Language.

The American construction worker who can’t find a job because business owners hire illegal workers on the cheap.

The American mothers and fathers who have lost children because an illegal alien decided to drive drunk, murder, rape, assault, or traffic their beloved child.

The American taxpayer who is on the hook for all of it.

No, elites don’t care about any of that. They are perfectly fine with importing more invaders and amassing more power among the true one percent.

Donald Trump and his supporters have upended all of that. Trump did not come into this job as a textbook conservative or ideologue — but he is governing as one.

We’ve had one Civil War already in our history. The next Civil War seems to be quickly approaching.

But considering liberals would rather go to feminist marches and scream at the Twitter CEO for eating a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A, I’m not too worried about our chances.

And for the record, it will be leftists who fire the first shot – either figuratively or literally.

Normal America will be there to answer them.

Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. She currently works with a political consultant on candidate races throughout America. A version of this Op-Ed originally appeared on her blog,

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Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. She currently works with a political consultant on candidate races throughout America.