Angela Box: Free to Be... Whatever Gets Me into Harvard


I’ve often wondered if liberals’ obsession with “identity” isn’t really a ruse to justify their penchant for pretending to be something other than who they are.

During the late 1960s, liberals began their never-ending journey of self-empowerment. The world was never the same.

In the mid-1970s, when the Hairy Armpits-n-Braless Women’s Lib Movement was in full swing, a wonderful album was made. It was called “Free to be … You and Me.” On a superficial level, its message was uplifting and positive. Equality — among men and women and people all shapes, sizes and colors! What a concept.

But even as a child, I picked up on the ridiculous propaganda littered throughout the album. There was the story about William wanting a doll and getting teased for it until his grandma bought him one — because William would grow up to be a father one day (how NON-inclusive by today’s politically correct standards!).

Or, the story of Princess Atalanta, who ran as fast as the wind. Her father set up a race for her suitors to run, and whoever won the race was to be her prince. Except, naturally, Atalanta decided to run the race as well.

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Spoiler alert: Atalanta won the race, and decided that she wanted to travel the world and choose for herself whom she would marry. (Fun liberal fact: I vividly remember Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas narrating this story. Even as a child, I found them cringe-worthy and annoying.)

Of course, 1960s and 70s feminists and liberals — while certainly radical — are mild compared to today’s lunatics.

It seems to me, instead of “Free to Be … You and Me,” many leftists are bound and determined to be anything other than who God made them to be.

Case in point: the very white and highly strident Oklahoma-born, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Do you think liberals have trouble admitting or accepting who they really are?

Pocahontas — as President Trump is wont to call her — has been accused of inventing a Native American backstory in order to capture a plum job teaching at Harvard based on those dubious credentials.

She has sputtered, hemmed and hawed, but has never proven that she’s actually Native American. In fact, a Massachusetts newspaper has offered to buy her a $99 Ancestry DNA kit to prove her heritage. I’ve done it, senator! Just spit in a tube and mail it off! It’s that simple.

Naturally, this good and honorable liberal has so far refused to prove she is a truthful person. Instead, her story goes something like this: Daddy‘s grandparents (or whatever) were Native American and Mama‘s parents didn’t want them to be married because they were white, virulent racists. But they went ahead and got married anyway because #TrueLove.

Now, her constituents may buy this backstory, but most normal people do not.

In essence, the good senator is simply a white woman pretending to be another ethnicity in order to get ahead.

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Speaking of trans-racial fruitcakes, remember Rachal Dolezall? Oh, you remember Rachel! She was the blonde white chick who kinked her hair, frizzed it out, and darkened her skin to appear black. In fact, she passed herself off as black for at least a decade.

Her embarrassed family had to out her as — unfortunately — just another white woman. She continues to be a “black activist” to this day and claims that being trans-racial is actually a thing.

On March 13 in Pennsylvania’s District 18 squeaker of a special election, Conor Lamb — the Democrat who has apparently won by 585 votes — was closer to President Donald Trump on many issues than Republican Rick Saccone. In fact, he was like a mini-Trump!

Democrats can brag about the victory, but the only reason Lamb was the nominee is because this was a special election and he did not have to go through a primary process. Essentially, he was hand-picked by local party officials — who made sure to find the closest Trump replica possible without actually looking outside the Democratic Party.

In every race where Democrats can choose DINO (Democrat in Name Only) candidates who are Trump clones, they will have a chance. But when Democrats act like Democrats — or in 99 percent of other races, where George Soros/Bernie Sanders bots are winning primaries — the story will be different. On that note, if Lamb actually does vote like he ran as a candidate, he will be bounced by liberal lunatics in his first primary.

It proves yet again that Trump’s issues win elections.

And we can’t forget about Colin Kaepernick! Mr. Black Power, Mr. Mile High Afro, Mr. Citizen of the Year for GQ Magazine. That whining, spoiled brat who was adopted as an infant out of poverty by two wonderful white parents — who undoubtedly are mortified by what their son has become. And what has he become? A racist, disrespectful, useful idiot for the left. Perhaps we should call Colin “transathletic” since he is merely a radical activist pretending to be a football player.

When you add in the scores of truly confused individuals who think they are different genders and all of the other nonsense leftists shove down our throats, it’s no wonder that “Free to Be … You and Me” sounds almost quaint today.

But you won’t hear yesterday’s feminists stand up and say: “Cut it out, willya? This was never the intent of the original Women’s Movement.”

No — they never will. Because for the left, their goals begin and end with foisting their extremist, radical philosophy onto the rest of us. These people cannot be cajoled — they must be soundly defeated.

Well … soundly defeated after we mercilessly — and justifiably — mock them into submission.

Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. A version of this article originally appeared on her blog,

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Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. She currently works with a political consultant on candidate races throughout America.