Angela Box: Yes Virginia, There IS a Deep State


This week, The Hill newspaper — hardly a bastion of right-wing thought — published a poll conducted by Monmouth University that had quite a startling question, with an even more startling result.

The question — Do you believe there is a Deep State running America? — was answered affirmatively by 74 percent of respondents, which includes high numbers among Republicans, Democrats and Independents. The fact that we even have to have such a question asked in a national poll shows you just how far down the rabbit hole we have crawled.

And what exactly IS the Deep State?

For many years, you probably thought that term was reserved to the conspiracy theorists among us — the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergs, alien abductions, the Kennedy assassination, etc.

But today, it’s becoming clear that not only is there a Deep State, but the men and women in the unelected bureaucracy are using the equally corrupted media in order to push their left-wing establishment narrative — and to squelch any truth about crimes and outrages actually occurring.

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I can’t even begin to give a summary of all the terrible miscarriages of justice, lying, obstruction and criminal behavior undertaken by liberal Democrats and Swamp-dwelling Republicans over the last 14 months since Donald Trump became president. (I eagerly await investigative journalists Peter Schweizer and Sara Carter’s books on this whole unfortunate episode.)

The Democrat lawyer-stacked Robert Mueller investigation is breathlessly reported upon 24 hours a day by the Deep State media — regardless of the inconvenient fact there has been — and will not be — proof of collusion or obstruction of justice between Donald Trump, his administration and the state of Russia.

It’s becoming clearer every day that the guilty pleas of Gen. Michael Flynn and others were obtained under duress and threats of ruination.

The FISA warrant used to spy on Flynn and Trump Tower obtained by the Barack Obama administration made no mention of the fact their entire case was made (with four renewals!) with an unverified dossier by former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele.

Do you believe the Deep State is out to get President Trump?

Fun fact — it’s the very same dossier Mr. Steele is now having to defend in his home country of England — which he has essentially admitted is a complete fiction.

But so eager is the Deep State to take down this major disruptor and change agent known as Donald Trump they are willing to lie, obstruct justice and ruin people’s lives — simply to stop the positive changes he is making.

Soon, there should be the go-ahead for a second special prosecutor. That is, if Jeff Sessions still has an ounce of courage left after he was bamboozled by his deputy Rod Rosenstein and Obama administration holdovers.

Once we receive the Inspector General‘s report, hopefully things will come into even more focus. If there’s any justice, it will examine:

        • Hillary Clinton‘s 33,000 subpoenaed and deleted emails.
        • Her using of Bleach Bit to destroy files.
        • Her private server.
        • Her ties to Uranium One and pay-to-play.
        • The phony Steele dossier.
        • The Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text messages that not only implicate themselves but fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
        • Obstruction of justice by McCabe and former FBI Director James Comey.
        • The Obama Administration‘s fingerprints on this total charade.
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The behavior of the entire Swamp over this ridiculous, #FakeNews Russia collusion matter is outrageous, and many heads should roll.

We have a major problem in this country. We have a media so entrenched with the Deep State — so beholden to The Swamp — that many of them simply refuse to report what’s actually transpiring.

It’s like the woman whose marriage is on life support but refuses to deal in reality because if she doesn’t say the truth out loud then the disaster is not really happening. This is what the media is doing. They are playing out the whole “If a tree falls in the forest …” metaphor.

Several studies have been taken over the overwhelmingly negative media coverage about Donald Trump. They all show that over 90 percent of all coverage is negative. Ninety percent! Actually, I think that number is a little low. The only place you can even get another side at all is on Fox News, independent blogs or talk radio.

The media lament that so many of us don’t trust them and assume they are part of the Deep State.  They have no one to blame but themselves.

We are in the midst of the biggest political scandal in American history, but it’s not Trump colluding with Russia. It is Barack Obama and his administration working with Russia, and the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign colluding to ruin a duly-elected president of the United States. And the media steadfastly refuse to report upon it.

They will never admit they were wrong.

Remember, these are the smartest people in the room, who believe the hoax of man-made climate change is real.

They believe securing our borders is somehow racist, and they think the opioid epidemic in this country has nothing to do with our porous border.

They believe abortion up until the time of birth is perfectly acceptable.

They believe tax cuts never work, and instead it’s more government spending that causes economic progress.

These people live in Bizarro World.

No matter what, they’ll never admit they were wrong — about anything. Therefore, our job is not to change their minds, as their minds are already filled with fantastical lies.

No — our job is to defeat them. Defeat them again and again and again. Watch them tantrum and flail around — and laugh in their faces.

I don’t expect the media to change their stripes. The media are simply secretaries taking dictation from their Deep State bosses and then spitting out their boss’ talking points.

But what I do expect is for awake and aware Americans to continue to push the truth. I don’t expect idiots like Chris Cuomo or Rachel Maddow to ever admit they were duped by their Deep State sources. I expect everyday Americans to continue to be Paul Revere in their own lives and to expose the Deep State — bit by bit, piece by piece, day by day.

The truth always comes out in the end. And ladies and gentlemen: the truth is not on the side of the Deep State.

Keep the faith.

Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. A version of this article originally appeared on her blog,

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Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. She currently works with a political consultant on candidate races throughout America.