Animal Rights Extremists Will Be Greeted by Private Security on Fed-Up Farmers' Land


Radical vegans don’t scare me in a political sense like most left wing groups do. Instead, I fear them because I worry whether I’ll bump into them at the grocery store and have my day ruined.

For example, earlier this month, a group of vegans waltzed into a KFC in Australia and poured fake blood on the floor in front of customers.

This is not a protest — it is vandalism, and I’m glad law enforcement treated it as such. The vegans were forced by police to clean up the mess they made, according to a video tweeted in the same thread:

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But as annoying as Australian and American radicals are, the ones in Europe are even worse, and now they are attacking farmers.

According to Breitbart, 33 percent of Swedish farmers have been subjected to theft — usually of machinery or fuel — and 25 percent  have caught people trespassing on their land.

Have you ever seen an animal-rights protest in person?

The primary culprit of these crimes is believed to be a group called Djurfront, a left-wing animal rights extremist group that is said to have violent tendencies.

Breitbart reported that female members of this organization are even engaging in online prostitution to fund their efforts:

Djurfront believes that humans who “harm” animals — meaning anyone who dares to eat an egg salad sandwich — should be targets of violence.

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It’s innocent farmers who bear the brunt of these radical beliefs.

“It spreads such huge negativity and anxiety that you get affected by it. I have interviewed people who had bad experiences 10 to 15 years ago and who are reduced to tears when they tell me about the events,” Peter Lundqvist, a professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, told Breitbart.

Fortunately, Swedish farmers are fighting back.

The solution is the hiring of third-party security companies to help farmers police their land.

The hope is that this will at least be enough to prevent theft and keep their families safe.

The Swedes don’t have a Second Amendment, as we do, so the fact that they are resorting to armed security should ring some serious alarm bells. Clearly, this is not a situation that can be solved with love and tolerance.

Nobody should feel their homes and livelihoods are in danger because of dietary choices humans have been making for thousands of years. If vegans don’t want to eat meat, that’s fine, but nobody should be bullied into doing the same.

I’m going to have some chicken for dinner, just as a matter of principle.

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