Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Busted for Copying Other People's Tweets


The Lincoln Project, an organization of NeverTrump grifters, made news this past week for their intellectual dishonesty.

NBC News reporter Brandy Zadrozny discovered that the group was copying content from other Twitter accounts and promoting it as if it was their own.

Showing side-by-side pictures of Lincoln Project tweets next to near-identical messages that had been published by other accounts, Zadrozny ripped the organization for stealing creative content.

“Stealing from creators is a nonpartisan crime,” Zadrozny tweeted along with the damning photos.

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Other Twitter users then came out of the woodwork to pile on with their own proof of The Lincoln Project’s intellectual theft.

The Lincoln Project Twitter account responded to one of the many accusations, not to deny it but rather to suggest the user had no right to be upset.

“[Y]ou’re upset that we posted a video you didn’t film featuring a song you don’t have the rights to. Did I get that right?” The Lincoln Project wrote.

Conservative commentator Stephen L. Miller condemned the project with a tweet of his own:

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“Soliciting donations and promoting yourselves on lib TV by ripping other people’s content,” Miller wrote.

“Just as Lincoln would have done.”

Is The Lincoln Project an honest organization?

With each new tweet, The Lincoln Project continues to show the world who they really are — a sorry collective of spurned Republican strategists looking to make some quick cash off of their NeverTrump grift.

This theory is supported by a New York Post report that claimed one of The Lincoln Project’s co-founders was rejected after seeking out a position in Trump’s 2016 campaign.

The co-founder, Steve Schmidt, is a former GOP strategist who had worked on John McCain’s 2008 campaign.

According to the report, Trump was averse to hiring Schmidt, with one source recalling that Trump viewed Schmidt as “very untrustworthy” and a “total idiot.”

Now, Schmidt describes Trump as a dangerous racist.

Schmidt likely doesn’t believe Trump is actually a racist.

He just stole the idea from his left-wing allies in much the same way his organization steals ideas from left-wingers on Twitter.

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