Watch: Apparent Antifa Mob Attacks Black Woman, Beats City Hall Guards


Huey Long, the corrupt governor of Louisiana, supposedly said that fascism would appear in the United States “under the guise of anti-fascism.”

That has certainly been a feature of the violent left-wing protests that have broken out over the election of President Donald Trump.

In the name of stopping the “fascism” of Trump, leftist groups have engaged in street battles with the president’s supporters.

Led by the masked group antifa (short for “anti-fascism”), leftist protesters have firebombed cars and assaulted Trump supporters and bystanders — all in the name of anti-fascism.

On Wednesday, protesters in Portland, Oregon, who organized against police brutality engaged in their own brutality.

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The protesters infiltrated City Council meetings held in the Portland City Hall, which forced Mayor Ted Wheeler to stop the meetings.

Wheeler had City Hall security remove the demonstrators from the building.

Meanwhile in the City Hall lobby, protesters refused to leave until they talked with Wheeler. As police began also taking them out of the building, they creepily shouted, “Go get Ted.”

Expelled, the protesters launched a violent attempt to get back into City Hall.

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Security guards suffered injuries as a result.

One protester wearing a mask hit a security guard several times over the head with a megaphone. Dorothy Elmore, chief of City Hall security, said she was struck in the arm.

Wheeler condemned the violence that injured several guards.

Are leftist protesters engaging in fascism?

“I just wanna say for the record I think it’s unconscionable that people would come to City Hall with the intention of ‘shutting down City Hall’ and then attack our security, including Dorothy,” he said. “Whatever message you thought you were delivering today it was completely lost in your senseless acts of violence against our city staff.”

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Try as they might, the proclaimed “anti-fascist groups” are not the descendants of the brave protesters against the Nazis.

Instead, their violence harks back to the leftist paramilitary groups of the Vietnam era.

In that period, the rifle-toting Black Panthers also denounced American fascism while at the same using violence against those who opposed them, even ordinary security guards.

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