AP Poll Sends Trump Good News Straight from Military Vets


It has to hurt the establishment media outlets when they have to publish something that is favorable to President Donald Trump. It seems that virtually everything put out by them is bashing him, so when they don’t it can come as a surprise.

The Associated Press, which has taken a decidedly anti-Trump tone since even before he was elected president, has just published good news for the commander in chief. The news agency’s own APVoteCast poll shows high support for Trump from veterans.

The poll revealed that “Nearly 6 in 10 military veterans voted for Republican candidates in the November midterm elections, and a similar majority had positive views of President Donald Trump’s leadership.” This high support may not come as a surprise to anyone on the right, but the left may find it bothersome.

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The poll was conducted by surveying “more than 115,000 midterm voters — including more than 4,000 current and former service members.” The bad news, and there is some, is that men supported Trump in a higher proportion than women, according to the poll.

That fits the left’s narrative, but does not match what many observe on social media and at rallies. Trump has a large base of support from women, but the poll respondents differed from that.

The poll results showed that of the respondents, “58 percent of female veterans disapproved of Trump, which is similar to the share of women overall (61 percent).” Despite this, overall Trump had a lot of support in regards to his job performance.

But that was not all. He also got a lot of overall support for the way he has handled the border security and wall issues.

Are you or do you know a veteran who supports President Trump?

That, too, likely will not go over well with the left. But Marine veteran Joey Jones appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday with an explanation for why Trump has veteran support, particularly in those areas.

“We look at that places we’re deployed … and we see how the rest of the world lives, and when we come home we actually have a renewed respect for what this country is,” he said.

He also pointed to how Trump keeps his promises.

Then Jones spoke of other issues that would score well with veterans in regards to Trump.

“President Trump has gone a long way with things like VA accountability and the Veterans Choice (Program), but even those two things, they sound a lot better than they are effective.”

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The current AP poll results are similar to those of Pew Research from May 2017. In that survey, “In April, 54% of those who have served in the military approved of his job performance. Trump’s job approval among the overall public was just 39%, according to the same survey.”

In that poll, Trump did well with veterans regardless of age. Level of education also did not seem to make a difference in regards to support for Trump from veterans.

Interestingly, among both veterans and the general public, Trump did have some support from Democrats, although it was small.

“The April survey found that 98% of veterans who identify as Republicans approve of Trump; among Democratic veterans, the share was just 10%. Among the public overall, 86% of Republicans approve of Trump, compared with only 9% of Democrats.”

Something interesting in the AP poll is that Trump also defied the left’s narrative with support across racial divides. Among white, 62 percent of veterans approve of him versus 49 percent of nonveterans, Latinos 53 of veterans versus 28 percent of nonveterans, and African-Americans, 22 percent of veterans versus 10 percent of nonveterans.

So it seems that no matter what narrative liberals attempt to push, Trump continues to defy the odds and prove them wrong.

This latest news may be argued by the left, but the facts remain that Trump has continued to garner support from a variety of demographical groups, including veterans and minorities.

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