Apple Stalling Parler Free Speech App Update After CEO Refuses To Delete Conservative Content


Parler, a platform named for the French word “to speak,” is finding out just how far the big tech players are willing to go to stop free speech.

Parler’s founders envisioned the platform to be a safe place from the censorship, deplatforming and bans of Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter. The company is learning, however, that the vice-like hold of those left-leaning speech killers isn’t an easy one to escape.

The CEO of Parler, John Matze, posted Tuesday afternoon on his Parler account that Apple was threatening to remove the platform from the App Store if Parler did not comply with its demands.

What demands could Apple possibly have of an up-and-coming social media app?

Get rid of conservative content or pay the price.

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At least that is the way Matze sees it. “Apple contacted me over a week ago via telephone saying that we need to ban “offensive” content off Parler or they will take Parler off the App Store,” Matze wrote. “We flat out refused and now we cannot push updates. Obviously by offensive they mean conservative content.”

Pay the bully or get out of the playground. That is life according to the leftist manifesto.

In an exclusive statement to The Western Journal, Matze said, “[Apple’s] justification for why Parler should be removed is selective because Twitter is a leftist hate haven yet Parler is a global community discussion platform … ISIS videos with thousands of views [are on Twitter] yet Parler is dangerous?”

Matze clearly suspects (and frankly so do I) that Apple means conservative content when it means “offensive.” We already know that leftist Silicon Valley types think conservatism is one step away from Nazism.

The left doesn’t want to disagree with conservatives. They want to silence and eliminate them.

Are you concerned by the power held by big tech?

The left that claims to love free speech and diversity is the same left who is busy censoring conservative Google results.

And blocking conservatives from Google news.

And shadow-banning political opponents’ tweets.

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And demolishing the reach of conservatives on Facebook pages.

And removing conservatives from Google-recommended sources.

And removing conservative content from Apple News.

And removing pro-life, conservative content from Pinterest after calling it porn.

And then removing the video proof that they did it.

And creating “community standards” and policies built to lessen diversity and free speech and give establishment media outlets a huge advantage in the “unfree market” of big technology.

And admitting they penalizing content that didn’t Google’s rules,

And making Google News results one-sided with an unrepresentative amount of left-leaning outlets supplying the news.

The left doesn’t have to play by these rules, a point Matze noted in his post.

“Twitter is exempt from this clause as they generate more hatred then [sic] any platform in history,” Matze said.

On December 9 of last year, Matze wrote a prophetic post on his Parler account. “Big tech is not too big to topple, in fact, they are blinded by their size/power and are hurting themselves by ideologically targeting groups,” Matze said. “@parler needs more media outlets to integrate commenting with us, and we need more bold influencers who believe in legal free speech to spread the word. Legislation is a slippery slope. We will combat hateful censorship with alternative software and creative new ideas.”

John Matze / Parler

Fighting for free speech is a noble cause. We should celebrate the brave and creative patriots who champion it.

And for those that oppose free speech, we should loudly and enthusiastically call them what they are — the enemies of free people and enemies of America.

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