Artist Who Headlined Satanic Grammy Performance Shocks Internet with New Outfit: 'He's Sold His Soul'


Sam Smith, the artist who headlined last week’s Grammy Awards with a Satanic performance, has gone on to shock people once again — this time with a bizarre new outfit.

Last week, Smith and Kim Petras performed their song “Unholy” at the Grammy Awards, in a Satanic-themed spectacle that was later confirmed to be public worship of Satan.

Now, Smith has gone on to shock the world once again, this time by wearing a bizarre oversized black latex outfit at Saturday’s BRIT Awards in London.

According to ABC News, the designer of the outfit said that it was “intended to celebrate the natural form and ‘the beauty of being one’s self.'”

The BRIT Awards, meanwhile took to Twitter to say that they were “obsessed” with this strange fashion choice.

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But others on Twitter did not share the enthusiasm for Smith’s outfit, with many wondering why anyone would think that it is a bold fashion choice and some saying that all it does is make Sam Smith look silly.

One Twitter user lamented that Sam Smith was once a very talented artist with great potential, but now, “He’s sold his soul” out to the devil and to the Hollywood elites in order to advance his career.

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Another Twitter user echoed that sentiment, adding “Wokeness destroys the mind, body, and soul”

That is exactly the point here. While wearing this outfit is still better than dressing up as Satan and dancing before a large audience, this is still weird and unnecessary and makes him look foolish.

Perhaps he is just doing this in order to get attention. This would make sense, as many celebrities pull wacky stunts like this in order to garner publicity.

Is Hollywood too far gone to save?

But there is an even bigger point here. Sam Smith used to be a normal person who had the ability to succeed in the music industry based on talent alone.

But now, he is worshiping Satan at award shows and identifies as “non-binary”. Clearly, he has given in to the filth of Hollywood and the entertainment industry and really has sold himself out in order to advance his career.

This is not a “bold” or “daring” move by Smith, he is merely conforming to the expectations set on him by the Hollywood elites, and in doing so, he is putting his soul in danger.

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