Australian Journalist Speaks Out About Her 'Living Hell' After Getting COVID Vaccine


An Australian journalist inspired by another woman’s announcement has publicly stated that she experienced health problems that she said were linked to the COVID vaccine.

“Inspired by ⁦@drkerrynphelps today I want to say I too have been in a living hell with pericarditis because of the Covid vaccine,” Eleni Roussos wrote in a tweet. “Vaccine injuries are real and serious and I sincerely hope more people will speak up.”

Eleni Roussos is a journalist in the Darwin ABC newsroom and anchors the 7:00 p.m. newscast in Australia’s Northern Territory, according to the outlet’s website.

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She did not elaborate in that post on her specific symptoms, but an earlier Facebook post from her sister made reference to heart issues.

“My sister and ABC journalist and news anchor Eleni Roussos did not attend the NT Media awards ceremony tonight,” Koulla Roussos posted on Nov. 6, 2021. “She was in hospital last night diagnosed with pericarditis (clinically), an inflammation of the outer lining of the heart, an adverse reaction to her first Pfizer jab. She was released after tests, but her situation hasn’t improved and [she] is heading back to [the emergency room].”

The woman that Eleni Roussos credits for giving her courage to speak out about her situation, Dr. Kerryn Phelps, is a former president of the Australia Medical Association who testified recently at a Parliament inquiry that both she and her partner had suffered serious adverse events from the coronavirus vaccine.

“This is an issue that I have witnessed first-hand with my wife who suffered a severe neurological reaction to her first Pfizer vaccine within minutes, including burning face and gums, paraesethesiae, and numb hands and feet, while under observation by myself, another doctor and a registered nurse at the time of [immunization],” the 65-year-old physician said, according to Australia’s

Do you know anyone who has suffered from vaccine injuries?

“I continue to observe the devastating effects a year-and-a-half later with the addition of fatigue and additional neurological symptoms including nerve pains, altered sense of smell, visual disturbance and musculoskeletal inflammation,” Phelps said. “The diagnosis and causation has been confirmed by several specialists who have told me that they have seen ‘a lot’ of patients in a similar situation.”

Phelps added that she also experienced a second vaccine injury in the form of heart complications after her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in July 2021, according to the report.

The outlet said Phelps was “the most prominent public health figure in the country to speak up about the taboo subject” of COVID vaccine injuries, a topic that has been censored by some governments and social media companies.

Phelps responded warmly to Roussos’ tweet.

“I hoped my submission to the parliamentary inquiry would spark the conversations we need to have about #longcovid and #vaccineinjury,” she replied. “I hope we can find answers leading to recovery for you and others.”

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Roussos responded, “@drkerrynphelps ‘courage is contagious’ – thank you for your advocacy and support.”

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Lorri Wickenhauser has worked at news organizations in California and Arizona. She joined The Western Journal in 2021.
Lorri Wickenhauser has worked at news organizations in California and Arizona. She joined The Western Journal in 2021.