Baby Taken to ER with Golf-ball-Sized Swelling, Dr. Finds Bizarre Item Poking Out Neck


Parents are on the front lines of bizarre discoveries every day. They are caretakers for the pioneers of possibility.

Kids are notorious for getting into trouble: for putting things where they shouldn’t be put, cutting things that shouldn’t be cut, and eating things that shouldn’t be eaten.

And yet one set of parents from Kansas were absolutely appalled at what they found in their 7-month-old daughter’s neck.

Aaron and Emma Whittington had noticed hints of the issue for a while. Their daughter Mya would tug at the left side of her face and jaw, but they waved it off as an earache or other common infant malady.

Over time, though, the problem worsened. On Dec. 8, a Saturday (why do these things always happen on weekends?) Emma took Mya to the ER.

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A lump the size of a golf ball had developed on little Mya’s neck, and her parents were concerned. It was first diagnosed as merely a swollen gland.

The Whittingtons were sent home with some medicine that they were assured would take care of the swelling. But by the next day, the lump had changed.

Now there was something sticking out of the bump. The family headed back to the doctors, but this time they placed their bets on a larger hospital.

It took a whole two days of worrying and waiting for the object sticking out of her neck to be identified. Doctors managed to pull it out, and then the questioning began.

It was a feather. A feather.

Unless this little cherub had been growing wings in the wrong spot, there was no way to know where it had originated from. But there it was, in all its bizarre glory.

“They pulled a feather out of my child,” Aaron confirmed. “How crazy is that?”

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The best anyone can figure, baby Mya must have somehow gotten a hold of the two-inch-long feather, either by breathing it in or stuffing it into her mouth (plausible).

Somehow, the foreign object became lodged somewhere in her mouth or throat, and, being weird and strange and fearfully made, her body rejected the feather and started forcing it out the only way it could. Directly through her neck.

Despite the oddness of this occurrence, Mya is doing well. Doctors speculated that the time it took for the feather to travel through her neck meant that it had been stuck there for some time.

Mya may have spent much of her first few months of life dealing with this pesky condition, but fortunately it was removed, her wound was healing nicely, and she’s now pain-free.

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