Here's How Bad July Has Been at the Border. The Democrats Still Won't Propose a Solution.

Democrats are stonewalling funding for the crisis at America’s southern border while ironically complaining about the conditions caused by lack of funding.

They claim migrant detention facilities are overcrowded (they are) but mock the idea of a wall.

Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York propagates unfounded lies about the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

The truth is that the Democrats love the border crisis. They would rather exploit the problem for political gain than fix the border for the safety and health of the nation they were elected to represent.

But while AOC and her crowd are quick to get photo-ops, they are slow to the draw with solutions.

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Like very slow.

As in, they have none. Because they don’t want any.

Do you think Democrats care about the crisis at our southern border?

So what are they ignoring? What are Democrats allowing to continue with their stubborn obfuscation?

Here’s what’s gone on at the southern border during the first 25 days of July. (The below entries are listed by the date CBP released details of the incidents, with the most recent ones coming first.)

July 25:

  • Two border agents were assaulted trying to apprehend illegal aliens in two separate incidents.
  • Agents seized nearly $300,000 in methamphetamine.
  • Agents apprehended 11 aliens in Puerto Rico.

July 24:

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  • Agents found 190 pounds of methamphetamine inside fuel tank of a charter bus.

July 23:

  • Agents apprehended 88 illegal aliens, some with violent criminal records, and, in another incident, arrested 17 more.
  • Agents arrested an alleged drug smuggler traveling with his family.

July 22:

  • Agents thwarted an attempt to smuggle into the U.S. a combination of fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine.
  • In a separate incident, agents “intercepted a significant amount of hard narcotics with an estimated street value of more than $6.6 million,” according to an agency news release.
  • CBP agents apprehended 31 individuals hiding in a tractor trailer.
  • Agents seized $763,000 worth of hard drugs.
  • Agents seized almost $230,000 in methamphetamine, and 91 more pounds in yet another incident.

July 19:

  • Agents seized 102 pounds of drugs and arrested five smugglers.
  • Arrests of illegals from African countries topped 1,100 since May 30.

July 18:

  • Agents stopped a human-smuggling attempt.
  • Agents stopped a $170,000 drug-smuggling attempt.
  • Agents seized over $2.2 million in methamphetamine.

July 17:

  • Agents arrested a man who was trying to smuggle seven illegal immigrants into the country.
  • Agents prevented the smuggling of $2 million in methamphetamine.

July 16

  • A smuggler was apprehended and his 19 pounds of cocaine were seized.

July 12:

  • Agents apprehended a man with two active warrants for raping a child and aggravated sexual abuse of a child.
  • Agents seized $139,000 in methamphetamine in one incident and $1.7 million in methamphetamine in another incident.

July 11:

  • In two separate seizures, CBP agents seized drugs worth over $853,000.

July 10:

  • Agents seized $2.1 million in drugs in two incidents.

July 9:

  • Agents caught a Somali illegal wanted for homicide and seized 123 pounds of methamphetamine and heroine in a separate incident.
  • Agents seized over half a ton of marijuana.

July 8:

  • A group of 168 family units, including unaccompanied children, surrendered to Border Patrol agents.

July 5:

  • Agents seized 245 pounds of marijuana, smugglers of meth and fentanyl, and made over the 1,000th arrest of a Haitian national since June 10.

July 3:

  • A human smuggler was arrested with 33 people locked inside the trailer of his truck.

July 2:

  • CBP Field Operations seized a “mammoth load” of marijuana worth $1.5 million.
  • At another port of entry, agents intercepted $4.1 million in drugs.
  • Over 160 pounds of meth were seized in two separate incidents.

This is not all the data, but merely a summary.

And even then, the list doesn’t include the activity from other ports located away from the southern border or all of the rescues and non-apprehension activity that border agents are involved in.

Presented with data like this, why would Democrats repeatedly fail to propose a solution while constantly criticizing the ones offered by Republicans?

The answer, it seems, is that the crisis, as dangerous and unsustainable as it is, is politically expedient for their party. They may be counting on it for 2020 talking points, but I suspect it will be their downfall.

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