Biden Can't Resist Sick Move with His Hand, Eyes Look Wild as He Returns to WH for 5 Hours


This can’t be healthy.

President Joe Biden flouted health practices during a Tuesday White House event in which the Inflation Reduction Act was signed.

Biden coughed immediately into his hand after removing a face mask at the event.

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The president tested positive for COVID-19 as recently as earlier this month, dealing with a bout of the disease that resurfaced after testing negative.

Biden delivered a speech touting the merits of the spending bill after arriving at the podium, celebrating a new law that was rammed through the Senate in a partisan-line vote.

Biden was joined by several congressional Democrats just over ten minutes after he coughed into his hand.

Biden handed the pen he used to sign the new law to Sen. Joe Manchin immediately after doing so, in a questionable and potentially unsanitary move.

Would you shake his hand?

He went on to shake the hand of Manchin, a Democratic senator known for stymying Biden’s progressive legislative agenda.

Only after the signing did Biden once again don the mask — having decided it was necessary after unmasked and close contact with several individuals.

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The president’s ceremonial signing at the White House was merely a stopover in between two separate vacations.

Biden arrived in Washington, D.C., from a South Carolina resort island, only to jet off to Delaware after the event.

The first vacation was provided to Biden free of charge from an affluent Democratic Party political donor.

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