Biden Climate Czar John Kerry: 'We Absolutely Don't' Need Increased American Fossil Fuel Production


Talk about out of touch.

President Joe Biden’s climate czar John Kerry openly rejected calls to increase American fossil fuel production last week, calling the arguments in favor of energy independence a “false narrative.”

The failed 2004 presidential candidate said Americans don’t need increased drilling and natural gas production as prices at the pump hit record highs.

Kerry was speaking at an event at the University of Southern California’s Center of Public Diplomacy on Friday, according to Fox News.

“Energy security worry is driving a lot of the thoughts now about, ‘Oh, we need more drilling. … We need to go back to coal.’

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“No, we don’t. We absolutely don’t. And we have to prevent a false narrative from entering into this or, again, pun intended, we are cooked,” he said.

A lack of domestic energy production is the single largest factor in the exorbitant gas prices American commuters are paying under Biden.

Kerry’s claims contrast with the latest rhetoric from Biden himself. The president blasted energy companies for not refining enough crude oil in a Wednesday letter.

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While Kerry wants to stop the flow of affordable energy to middle-class Americans, he’s not willing to rule out using such fuel himself.

In fact, Kerry’s energy usage is enough to dwarf anything that the average American could imagine.

As Biden’s special envoy for climate, Kerry flew in a private jet at least 16 times in 2021 alone. Some of his private jet trips included getaways to the luxury vacation venue of Martha’s Vineyard.

The former secretary of state has claimed that flying in a personal aircraft is the “only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

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Evidently, Kerry’s trip to Martha’s Vineyard was his version of Gettysburg in the war against climate change.

As always with the limousine liberals of Silicon Valley and the Hamptons, it’s the “other people” who are creating pollution and need to change their standard of living.

Somebody needs to “transition” this guy out of his private jet and onto a crowded and uncomfortable city bus.

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