Biden Gets Combative During Interview Talking About His Classified Docs - 'You're a Good Lawyer'


President Biden was caught off guard by a reporter’s persistence in questioning him about the classified documents scandal that is causing a massive headache for the administration.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past few months and are unaware of the story, Joe Biden is now under federal investigation for taking classified documents with him when he left the office of vice president in 2017.

This is especially troublesome for Biden as his Justice Department was already investigating former President Trump for the exact same thing, meaning that any political clout that Biden could gain from this has evaporated.

On Friday, Biden had an interview with David Muir of ABC, a network that is normally friendly to the Biden administration. However, this time, Muir had some rather tough and awkward questions for the president.

Toward the end of the video below, about the 10:20 mark, Muir asked Biden to confirm that none of the classified documents discovered in Biden’s possession in any way compromised U.S. intelligence. Biden responded that he could not comment because he had been advised by his attorneys to “let the Justice Department make that decision.”

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But Muir continued to press saying that many people “saw you, though, comment on former President Trump.” In essence, Muir asked how Biden’s situation was any different from Trump’s.

Biden responded that, unlike Trump, he had invited the Justice Department to search for classified documents,  “And the difference is every single solitary thing I’ve been asked to do I’ve done voluntarily. I’ve invited the Justice Department to come into every aspect of any place that I had any control of. There was no need for search warrants, were no need – well what do you need? Just come, whatever you want. Whatever you want, wherever you want to go, you can go. That was totally different.”

Muir then asked Biden about the word he used to describe what Trump did, “irresponsible.” He asked if Biden was acting irresponsibly as well.

Clearly not expecting Muir to keep probing, Biden chided the lifelong journalist, saying, “you’re a good lawyer” and then claimed that what he did was nowhere near as irresponsible as what Trump did.

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“The way in which the boxes were packed up from my office, apparently, not everything was gone through as meticulously as it should have. But there was no intention.”

At this point in the interview — the 12:44 mark — there was a noticeable cut in the coverage at the moment when Muir was grilling Biden. It’s possible that the network was just cutting off dead air, but it is also possible it as trying to save the president from a really embarrassing moment.

After that, Biden reiterated that he had opened his home to investigators who wanted to search it.

This was not the only embarrassing moment in the interview. Earlier, in a series of questions that start at about the 7:30 mark of the video, Biden was forced to admit to Muir that he had not spoken to the mayor of East Palestine, Ohio, since the train crash three weeks ago. All things considered, this interview did not go well for Biden.

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Biden’s scandals and missteps have gotten to the point where even media organizations that are usually very friendly to leftist politicians are being forced to ask serious questions about his behavior.

The establishment media and the Democratic Party can no longer ignore the fact that there are serious issues in the Biden administration that need to be addressed in order to regain the respect and trust of the American people.

Biden himself is aware that he is on thin ice, as evidenced by the fact that he was evasive in his answers to Muir’s questions.

When he became president, Biden billed himself as a responsible leader who would heal the nation after the “irresponsible” Trump presidency, but he is proving every day to be more irresponsible than Trump ever was.

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