Biden Gets Defensive as He's Called Out Over Reports of Humiliating Treatment from World Leader: 'It's Not True!'


President Joe Biden reportedly became defensive earlier this week when he was asked about a report that Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed no interest in meeting with him during a recent phone call between the two world leaders.

Biden isn’t known for having thick skin. In fact, the 78-year-old often appears agitated any time he’s challenged on essentially anything.


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Biden’s agitation was particularly visible on Tuesday after the inept and potentially cognitively compromised commander-in-chief was reminded about a report that he’s not respected enough to be prioritized by a meeting with Jinping — a communist whose country enslaves people and relies on trade with the United States and other free countries for survival.

Reuters, citing a recent report from the Financial Times, wrote Tuesday that when Biden spoke to the Chinese leader last week, he was rebuffed when he floated the idea of a summit so that he and Jinping could talk privately.

Does Biden have the respect of other world leaders?

Biden then was asked by a reporter if, in so many words, he was disappointed that his Chinese counterpart had better things to do than to meet with him.

Biden’s succinct response: “It’s not true!”

Must be a touchy subject. Sadly, we cannot take our president at his word on the matter. He’s a proven liar.

The Financial Times, citing numerous people close to a call Biden reportedly initiated, reported the president was left rebuffed by Jinping.

“Joe Biden suggested he hold a face-to-face summit with Chinese president Xi Jinping during a 90-minute call last week but failed to secure an agreement from his counterpart, leading some US officials to conclude that Beijing is continuing to play hardball with Washington,” the Financial Times reported.

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“The US president proposed to Xi that the leaders hold the summit in an effort to break an impasse in US-China relations, but multiple people briefed on the call said the Chinese leader did not take him up on the offer and instead insisted that Washington adopt a less strident tone towards Beijing.”

Reuters reported national security adviser Jake Sullivan stated that the Financial Times’ report of the conversation between Biden and Jinping was “not an accurate portrayal of the call. Period.”

“As we’ve said, the Presidents discussed the importance of being able to have private discussions between the two leaders, and we’re going to respect that,” Sullivan added.

We can’t believe the surrender-prone, crisis-creating and lying White House. We have to take the Financial Times at its word over the White House here. The outlet reported that Biden, the leader of the free world, sought a meeting with a communist dictator. He was rejected.

What’s the White House at least partially blaming Jinping’s refusal to travel on? COVID, of course. Everything always goes back to COVID.

The Biden administration hasn’t been this publicly humbled by China since earlier this month, when the country’s leader sent White House climate envoy John Kerry home without buying into his climate hysteria.

At least Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has the ear of the Chinese, per reports. If what The Washington Post reported this week about Milley subverting Donald Trump during the last days as president is true, the country still has at least one line of communication open with Beijing.

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