While Biden Praises Police in Public, Look Who's Been Quietly Showing Up at the White House


Like his failed presidency, Joe Biden’s pro-police rhetoric is hollow political theater.

While the Biden administration has publicly distanced itself from the toxic “defund the police” movement amid terrifying nationwide crime waves, it has quietly hosted numerous “defund the police” activists, according to White House visitor logs viewed by Fox News.

In December, anti-police activist Carmen Rojas visited the White House, according to visitor logs.

Rojas, the race-hustling president of the leftist Marguerite Casey Foundation, has repeatedly called for abolishing the police.

Her Twitter feed is rife with rants against phantom “white supremacy” and tweets lionizing career criminal George Floyd, whose death in Minneapolis police custody ignited the Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020.

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Rojas’ foundation has repeatedly called for abolishing the police and has awarded millions of dollars in grants to anti-police, socialist professors who want to eradicate the prison system, Fox News reported.

The Marguerite Casey Foundation also bankrolls divisive “anti-racist research” whose goal is essentially to blame all of society’s woes on sham “white supremacy” while infantilizing blacks as a group that cannot be held accountable for any crimes because of “racism.”

In July 2021, anti-police activist Rashad Robinson of the “racial justice” group Color of Change visited the White House for a meeting with Cedric Richmond, who was then a top Biden adviser.

In August 2021, Richmond — who is black — made headlines after Biden referred to him using the racially-loaded moniker “boy.”

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Robinson has celebrated the birthday of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur by calling for the abolition of police.

Shakur — who was a member of the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army — was jailed in 1973 for murdering New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster.

In 1979, she broke out of prison and fled to communist Cuba, where she remains a fugitive from U.S. law. Shakur has been on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list since 2013.

This is who the left celebrates.

Robinson’s group, Color of Change, is one of the most vocal advocates of the “defund the police” movement.

In a chilling petition, Color of Change claims “policing doesn’t keep us safe.”

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The organization suggested that law enforcement and the criminal justice system be dismantled because they “unjustly harm Black people.”

Meanwhile, they ignore the countless people (of all colors) who are being unjustly harmed by the violent criminals being emboldened by their anti-police hysteria.

In a nutshell, anti-police leftists want to abolish law enforcement and prisons because they claim too many black people are arrested because of “systemic racism.”

This simple-minded narrative belies FBI statistics indicating that relatively high black imprisonment is related to black crime rates.

FBI statistics also contradict the dubious left-wing narrative that “racist” police officers target and kill more black people than whites during arrests.

While Biden and his Democratic cronies pay lip service to respecting law and order, in reality, they’re quietly supporting the destructive “defund the police” lunatics who have ushered in unprecedented crime waves in liberal cities nationwide.

So it’s true what ancient philosophers (and your mom) always said: Actions speak louder than words.

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